Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Binford Apple Peeler

If anyone remembers Tim Allen and his show "Home Improvement" you'll recall he had to modify everything so it was better (in his opinion), and much, much faster. He always called it "The Binford (whatever). Well that's what Hubby has done to my apple peeler, hence the name "The Binford 2000 Apple Peeler." It's amazing what a cordless drill can do! It's quite comical but I have to say I can peel apples (and pears) faster than a chicken dancing on a hot plate! Here's a short video of it in action... and I apologize to the folks at YouTube who have no idea what I'm talking about because they are viewing it there and not at my blog :)

After peeling a bunch of apples to put in the dehydrator, I started in on the pears. I take the end off the peeler so they are only peeled and not sliced. You sort of get into a rhythm and I didn't realize I had as many peeled as I did. I ended up canning pears until way past my bedtime and I'm paying for it this morning :) I took all those peels and cores and threw the whole works into the steamer and bottled over 4 litres of juice for making jelly. I usually give all the peelings to the chickens so having the steamer is great. One jar is a bit pinker because I started with the apple peels first and just kept adding the pear peels as everything settled, tapping off as I went along.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Absolutely too funny!!!! What is it that you are picking up just before the peeling starts. Auntieb

Anonymous said...

ROFLOL!!! How cool!

Your jelly looks beautiful. THAT'S IT! We ARE moving!! Onto YOUR RANCH...or at least down the meadow from it! =)

You know, I didn't know you could "star" an item. I mean, I saw it but I had no idea what it meant. So, I'm going back to star some of your posts with tutorials so I can find them more easily! Thanks! =)

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

Now that's the way to do it! You are thinking like my husband now. He trys to use power tools for everything hee..hee.. Gotta love them (I know I do because they get the job done!)

Thanks again for a great post!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

jackie said...

I had to go to youtube to see the video but it was well worth the trip !

I found my self laughing uncontrolably!

And I love the sounds of your steamer! All that goodness can go straight into jelly! heaven!

Sorka said...

That is tooo funny!