Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thank goodness Davimack over at Wish I Were Baking let me know that "memes" rhymes with "seems" or I would have forever pronounced it like it rhymed with "rhymes." Boy doesn't that sound confusing? Anyway he has tagged me with a meme (thanks David (and I'm being sarcastic with my eyes rolling)). And now the 'rules' say I'm meant to take the letters of my blogging name and give ya'll a food-related factoid about me for each letter. Hmmm... my blogging name? Well I guess that's my real name because that's all I ever use, and if they mean "Canadian Crafter" they can just forrrrrget it! So here goes:

K. Okay this is going to be hard and I so wish my name were "Ed." All I can think of is Kale. I think it's some sort of vegetable like spinach that my
Auntie Bonnie says is very healthy and is always trying to get me to eat.

A. "A is for apple, Mama"... that's what my 4 year old son, Jevan, is always telling me when I point to the letter A.

N. Never say you can't try a food you thought you always hated... I would still not eat mushrooms, peas (but only frozen or soup), spinach, and even small amounts of liver (but it has to be cooked the right way). I always hated these when I was younger and some right into my teens but living with a man who will pretty well eat anything except sausages and pancakes has taught me to try anything. Although I still can't stand canned peas, blech!

S. See food, eat it (pretty simple).

A. A is for appl... oh shoot I already used that one... let's see... Appetizers! I remember when I was about 10 years old and we were all at the Keg restaurant. My Dad thought I might like to try snails. What kid at 10 years old wants to try snails? But always trying to please my Dad because I am the middle child and (wait that's another story)... long story short; I took one snail in my mouth and the butter it was swirled in didn't taste too bad, I was actually enjoying it... until I bit down and there was sand, yes SAND, inside it... blech, blech, worse than peas! It took me a loooooong time before I ever tried snails again... but now I really do like them especially when they are rinsed extremely well :)

S. Sea food, eat it... no it's not the same as the above.

Well that's it, I'm done :) Now who do I attack tag? I'm supposed to pick 8 people but I can only think of 7 so for my eighth pick I pick YOU :)

These are my picks:
Donna from
Mice and Moonbeans
Dora from Y-2K Hippie
Jackie from One Thread Two Thread
Biffy (My sister) from Biffy's Bits
Denise from Knitting without Needles
Darcy from Minnesota Mama
HuntressD from Walking in Two Worlds

Sorry girls, you're all going to love it or hate it, and I will truly understand if you don't do it at all :)


Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

You know me Kansas I'll give it a try. I will be a little slow the next couple of days but I'll get my next post with this on it for sure.

Sounds like fun!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot! =) LOL! I promise to have mine up soon. Do you know...this is my very first Meme (and I thought it was pronounced me-me! lol!)