Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hobby or Not?

The other day, while filling out a form, I was asked what category my blog fell under, ummmm huh? How is one supposed to sum up in one category their whole blog? There was no random, no miscellaneous, no "life on a ranch," not even "stay at home, busy as a beaver Mama"... so, after eliminating all the other categories, I went with Hobby. But I personally don't consider canning a hobby, it's a necessity around here, and of course the garden goes hand in hand with canning. It's not a hobby to cook supper, change pipes on the fields, nor brand the calves, or to even flip & bale hay. And as for clean the kitchen and do the laundry? Nope definitely NOT hobbies!

Okay, maybe the knitting, looming, and photography I do are considered hobbies, and I'm taking that with a grain of salt because I can justify all those things... photography is for my blog and for pictures of memories, knitting and looming is mostly Christmas gifts and sometimes I'm doing them on Christmas Eve in a panic, not always a nice relaxing hobby I'd say. More like "NO ONE SPEAK TO ME UNTIL I GET THIS LAST ROW FINISHED!" Aren't hobbies supposed to be relaxing, enjoyable, even fun? I do love to sew, but I'm not great at it, I've dabbled in cross stitch (I have almost all the DMC colours except four of them), I have a few woodworking tools (but wasn't able to do that very well at all, unlike my crafty sister)... Crochet goes hand in hand with knitting and although I can do it, don't asked me to make some elaborate doily, unlike my Mom :) So I guess I should pick a hobby... how 'bout "flying around the world and hitting every country," or "scratch lotto tickets until I win big," or maybe even (yeah right) "Golf?" Nah, I'll just stick to blogging, reading other people's blogs, and of course commenting :) What do you consider a hobby?

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Lynn Mercurio said...

To me, a hobby is something that you spend thousands of dollars on to buy supplies so that you spend countless hours not associating with joking on that last part, but certainly NOT on the first part! :) I enjoyed reading your blog today! I'll be back!

jackie said...

What!?!?! No "Random"???? That is what my blog is totally about everything random. From weaving to canning and gardening, kids stuff, and what makes me happy. I have actually been thinking about getting a second blog to just be random with and keep onethreadtwothread as a craft blog. But lately, it would be a pretty sparse blog if I did that. I'll keep thinking about it, but in the mean time, I'll put my vote with random.