Saturday, September 22, 2007


It was bound to happen... for last school year the "new" bus driver, who is now the "old" bus driver started coming down our driveway. Al was great, almost as comparable to Lana (sorry Al but Lana was our first bus driver, *smile*).

Al and Sydney on the bus. May 2007
So anyway... Eric took over when Al left. And, Al being Al, told Eric to come down the driveway instead of me having to drive Sydney up to the end of the driveway, it was great, no more having to fire up the Explorer on those cold mornings. But we all knew if a substitute driver was going to be driving, a phone call would be made, and I'd meet him at the top. After Sydney talked to me late Tuesday night I called Eric, he said he was going on a field trip for two days, but a substitute driver, Francis, would be driving and he knew to come down the driveway... great! Wednesday went off without a hitch, but something happened to Francis and another substitute driver, Alf, came on Thursday... Well Alf didn't know he was supposed to drive down so he sat at the top of the driveway for a bit and drove off without Sydney. When 8:15 rolled around I pretty well knew there was a problem. I had to wake Jevan up, who is allergic to mornings, get him dressed and head off to Sydney's school, about a 30 minute drive by car. What the heck, I needed groceries anyway, so it was a good day to go to town :)

On the way, near "Three Mile" we saw a healing gathering going on.

It was a great opportunity to explain to Sydney how her ancestors lived. There was no school on Friday so no worries about the bus the next day. Oh, and by the way,... Alf drove Sydney down the driveway after school :)


Mom said...

Hi Kansas....
Nice picture Sydney. I am so glad the bus drivers come down the driveway. It makes things so much easier.

Love Ya!

jackie said...

How long is the drive way?
And what a great learning opportunity for Sydney!

Anonymous said...

Shopping?? but were the stores open in Lyton that early. Living in Lillooet I get to town to do shopping and found all the stores closed for 1 hour for lunch so go get the mail and the post office is also closed. What a headache it was. The whole town closed down for the whole lunch hour. AuntieB

Kansas A said...

Hi Auntie B.... Lillooet is much better than when you lived here :) It doesn't close any store for lunch anymore, Lytton, on the other hand, still closes one store for an hour. And that would be the liquor store, I guess the government doesn't want to pay anyone for that extra hour :)