Monday, October 8, 2007

The Bulls

We have a fair number of bulls on the ranch right now and I thought y'all might like to meet them. The first pen has four but two of them were pretty shy so they declined my photo shoot invite. UPDATE: After taking more pictures today I realized that I had one extra picture stuck from earlier today... so instead of two shy bulls there was only one. "Bart" has been added.

Here's Ernie. I think he spotted the camera in my hand because he sure looks posed, but honestly I didn't tell him. It's probably been spread through the gossip line that I was coming.

And then there's Red. You know I think he ran out and got a haircut because he sure looks spiffy, darn that gossip line!

Red likes to sing...

...for his supper. What a show off!

And the almost forgotten "Bart." See how shy he looks? Ya gotta speak up boy, the camera loves you :)

The next four are in a pen on their own. There's Simon and he's too interested in eating to even care.

And Barry. Hmmph, he seems to be in the same mood as Simon.

And I can't forget Carter. Gee doesn't anyone care that I'm even here!

Okay if you're a bit squeamish you might not like to see Linus, well that's his real name, but we call him Lumps. Lumps has a growth on his face that has been treated up the ying yang but is not going away. Oh sure stick your tongue out at me!

Really it doesn't bother him at all, you can see he eats just fine.

All the bulls are pretty calm and everything you've ever heard about bulls seldom happens... you don't have to fear them, they won't run after you if you wear red, etc. But don't let them know you have camera in hand because you won't get any candid shots.


Mom said...

Hi Kansas...
I like the bulls but I especially like Simon he looks the cleanest and Red, well he is a nice color. I like to see them in the pic's but in real life from a long ways away. I would be the (seldom happens) one running for my life through the field with the meanest one chasing me.:)

Love Ya!

Mom said...

Hi Kansas...
OOPs! Not Simon but Bart was my clean pick. Clean or not clean I would still run from them. (very fast)

Love ya!

Darcy said...

I like Simon and Carter with that curly hair. :)

Anonymous said...

I love their curly hair - but I am a bit partial to curly hair! =)

Love the new pic at the top of your blog...but you know how I ADORE chickens!

jackie said...

The only bull my dad had that I could remember was called Chicklet. Yup. Like the gum. He was mostly white and rather pretty. Nasty bugger though. They eventually switched to the vet with the tube thing. Much safer, more predicitable, and there was a greater variety to chose from.

jackie said...

I had a good laugh at your latest picture. I'm glad I'm not a turkey too.