Thursday, October 4, 2007


This post is not for Jackie and if she decides to look she'd best take a gravol or something, or at least lay some pillows around herself.

From the title I guess I don't have to tell you what Jevan is looking for:

Looks like he found what he was after.  (Note his hand is still a bit swollen from his bee sting.)

These are Grandma's grapes.  Apparently someone told her you couldn't grow grapes in our area... well someone forgot to tell the grapes :)  There are a few rows of them but she has no idea what to do with them all and was hoping a winery or someone, anyone, would come and pick & pay her for them.  She has green & purple and both varieties have seeds in them, darn they would have made nice raisins!

Upon closer inspection, near the green grapes, it looks like the birds have moved in, or rather moved out as the nest was empty.

I'd say she could give grapes away "until the cows come home" but there's a ton of them already coming off the range.

This guy sauntered right over while I was taking pics.  I'm sure it was the one that got into my garden this year, I can tell by his eyes when we had the showdown.  Hmmm, the young whippersnapper is probably thanking me for the green peppers...

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