Monday, October 22, 2007

Shipping Day

Today was shipping day at the Ranch. Yesterday the cows were separated into different groups away from their Mama's and the noise is unbelievable! All night long the Mamas and babies moo for each other and this continues for a few days. I feel bad for them all but have you ever tried to sleep through it? Here's a short clip:

The truck pulled up at just after 8:00 this morning. I tell you the man knows how to drive a truck! It was the first time he'd been here and he wheeled that semi into place better than I could have parked my SUV :)

Here's some of the girls that are going.

Pop's pushing them in.

I guess it was payback :)

Goodbye... sniff, sniff.

Away they go...

This load will be auctioned off and probably be headed for Alberta. Now if I can find my earplugs I just might get some sleep tonight!

A new born down at the barn, this little one won't be shipped until next season. Her Mama was madly storming around the corral because we were there.


jackie said...

Kind of sad. So many people think that meat comes from the grocery store.

Rachel said...


Circle of life. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour from the beginning until the end. Your pictures are awesome. I hope I enjoy my next steak. AuntieB

Mom said...

I would still rather hear this than all the trucks on the highway.

Love Ya!