Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beef Jerky

I so wish you could reach into your monitor and take a bite out of this! It is just the tastiest beef jerky I have eaten in quite some time. As most of you all know we butchered a couple of beef last Thursday and cut and ground everything up over the weekend. On Sunday night I remembered a recipe I had printed out some time ago when we butchered a deer. I planned on smoking some deer meat but I never did get around to it and then the meat got eaten as a roast and well I never did do it. So on Sunday I sliced up a bunch of meat into thin slices and mixed up:

Beef Jerky Marinade

1/2 cup coarse salt
A bit of hot water, maybe a cup or so.
Dissolve the salt in the hot water in a large bowl.
3/4 cup brown sugar
3 ounces of soy sauce (just under half a cup)
1 tablespoon garlic powder
2-3 shakes of liquid smoke
10 shakes Tabasco Sauce
Mix like the dickens. I ended up using a Bamix hand mixer because the garlic powder just didn't want to mix in.
Then add about 7 cups of water.
The recipe also called for 3 ounces of red cooking wine but I didn't have any so I left it out and added a bit of extra water.
Add your meat, I probably added about 3 pounds of meat, sliced really thin with as much fat as I could trim off. I used my meat slicer and partially froze the meat for easier slicing.
I mixed this all up on Sunday night and put it in the dehydrator today (Tuesday morning). I thought I would have enough to put in the smoker and the dehydrator but the dehydrator took it all! It's eight hours later and mmm mmm mmm :)

You certainly don't have to butcher a cow to do this, you could use flank steak, round roast, or a cut that doesn't have a lot of fat in it. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. I have another batch on the go and I will put this one in the smoker. I cut the meat a tad thicker and I'll let you all know how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

Oh that beef jerky looks so good. save me a sample.. Auntieb

bubbles said...

Would this work with pork or turkey? Just curious, I can't eat beef at all. It tastes good, but it makes me very sick.

NEO said...

Do you want to adopt a new son? :)
Looks good, I might have to make some of my own.

Kansas A said...

I've heard of turkey jerky which I think would be fine, but pork I might be a bit iffy with.

Kansas A said...

Only if you are willing to pack firewood and eat your vegetables :)
Let me know how your jerky turns out!

Donna F said...

Hi Kansas...

Mmm mmm mmm!! This looks just so good. Once this has been dried it doesn't weigh that much does it??? :) I have a great idea. You could just "pop" some in an envelope and "pop" it in the mail. (Robert says to give my head a shake). But I do truly think this would be great. :) That is if you have more than enough to go around. I'll take leftovers. :) :).

Love Ya!

NEO said...

Nothing I have done or do currently.

Donna F said...

Hi Kansas..
I received a very special parcel today. "My Beef Jerky" It is so delicious the texture is super, and it is so tender. Thank you! thank you!(I am feeling so very spoiled!) and Robert thanks you too as he loves the stuff. I'll have to hide some. :)
Great job on this.

Love Ya!

Donna Marie Honneger said...

Already fantasizing about grabbing one from that photo. It really looks good.
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