Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hairband Tutorial

I was reading blogs in Google Reader and came across an excellent tutorial. It's from the blog "Me and My Girl" and it's how to make "A Sweet Little Headband." I knew Sydney would love one so I whipped it up. When she got off the bus and saw it she thought it was great! She immediately brought me a bunch more material from my craft room. We made 11 more; for Christmas presents to give to her girlfriends in school. They are quite quick, especially if you use an assembly line technique. It probably took me less than an hour to make all 11. The elastic I used was a touch wider than what Randi and Aubry used but that's all I had and it worked fine. You only need a 15"x 3" piece of material and a bit of elastic so it's really a piece of cake to make. Randi has very clear instructions with pictures so even a beginner can do this!

Sydney wearing one of the headbands.

A few of the other ones she's saving for Christmas gifts.


TadMack said...

These are all the rage here, I see tons of short-haired girls at the University wearing these. I doubt they were cool and made them themselves!

Thanks for including the link -- maybe I'll whip up some for myself over Christmas. Just daily living right now is still so swamping -- all I've made is applesauce, not even your carrot cake jam yet -- but soon we'll have a breather, and I'll catch up!! :)

TadMack said...

Syd has beautiful hair, incidentally.

Kansas A said...

Hi Tadmack...
Wow I made something that is all the rage? lol Here I just wanted Sydney to keep the hair out of her eyes :)
After all you have been through it's a wonder you have even had time to breath at all, are the boxes still quite high in your living room?
Sydney says "cool" about your hair compliment :)

Little Old Liz said...

Ack! That cool headband makes Sydney look older. You should include a warning (hehe).
Thanks for the headband info. I wanted to make something for the nieces that matches for Christmas pictures and this is it. Do you think I should make bow ties for the nephews that match too? I might risk losing Favorite Aunt status if I so ;-)

Donna F said...

Hi Kansas..........
I think these are so cool. I know I could use some. :) Great idea for Christmas gifts. Sydney looks so beautiful.
I am all excited about getting the beef jerky now that I know it is in the mail. Thank you ever so much and yes I will tell Robert to give his head a shake:). I am so lucky to have such a talented kid, and yes you are very talented and very special.

Love Ya!

Kansas A said...

Hi Liz
I agree bow ties for your nephews wouldn't make you too popular! That's the thing about boys... just what can you make for them? There's so many things to craft for girls and women but men and boys are something else :)