Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brrrrr Cold Night

Last night we went for a walk before supper. Hubby was out cutting limbs from the fallen trees for our woodstove. After twenty minutes of donning all the winter gear we made it out the door. The cold hit us (me!) like a blast furnace running in reverse! I don't like winter, or snow, or cold, or ice, and my worst thing: DRIVING in the snow. Oh I do it, but I don't enjoy it. I wish I could be like a mama bear and just go into a deep sleep for the whole season, I'll poke my head out come spring!

Here's a few random pics.

Sydney near the tree, see all that frost?

Here's a close-up of it. Sorry the picture is blurry but my hands were shaking from the cold, I should have put on some mitts! Did I mention I don't like winter?

My offspring must get their "fun for winter" from their Dad's side because it certainly doesn't come from me! They probably have visions of crazy carpets in their heads. Hubby is chomping at the bit for the first load of snow so he can jump on the snowmobile and head out. I'll wave at him from the kitchen window.

Jevan had to stop and throw a few handfuls of hay for Cinnamon and Woody on our way back to the house.


Anonymous said...

Brrr....sure looks cold. Minus 2 here this am Auntieb

Donna F said...

Hi Kansas..

I will second that! See you in the Spring. brrr:) I love the pic's of the kids.

Love Ya!

jackie said...

I hate winter too. And after writing off a car when I was 17, I hate driving in winter too. It is the one of the very few reason that I don't want to move out of town. Winter driving.