Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can't see the pictures on my blog? A Fix!

Some people are not seeing all the images on my blog posts. Both my sister and I run Firefox, I could see my images but she couldn't. This has all started in the last week or so and frustration was setting in. I walked her through clearing her cache, cookies, and browsing history and within minutes she could see all the photos. I'll explain both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Firefox: Version
UPDATE: Have no google windows open, ie: google search, google docs, my blog, someone else's "blogspot" blog, etc.
Click "Tools" at the top.
Click: "Clear private data."
Make sure everything is ticked except "Saved Form and Search History" and "Saved Passwords."
Click "Clear Private Data Now."
We had to do it twice but after that she went back to my blog and was able to view all images.

Internet Explorer: Version 7
UPDATE: Have no google windows open, ie: google search, google docs, my blog, someone else's "blogspot" blog, etc.
Click "Tools."
Click "Delete Browsing History."
Click "Delete files, cookies, history" on all entries except "Form Data" and "Passwords."
I'm not sure if this works because after she cleared everything in Firefox she was able to see the images using Internet Explorer.

Hopefully you will be able to view the images again. Please let me know :)

UPDATE: If the above fix doesn't work you can always "block" cookies from Google. The settings are in your browser. There is quite an interesting read located at this site:
I was quite shocked at the amount of tracking Google does, and just how long the tracking cookie is in your computer for!

PS: Happy Birthday Dad!


Anonymous said...

I can see the photos in your blog. My husband Sirdar is my computer geek and fixes whatever ails me because for the most part, technical stuff goes 'whoosh' when I read it.

shells said...

So I'm finally getting caught up reading on all the creative blogs I read, and I tried your fix. It worked great.
I always thought I couldn't see your pictures because I was reading from Bloglines, and sometimes the pictures don't come over right.
thanks for the fix. and thanks for the enjoyable blog!

Lang said...

I found out why I wasn't seeing any pictures. I surf at work so this Websense thing blocks all "Personal Network Storage and Backup" sites. Works at home. :)

JW said...

Hey, Kansas . . .


Just ran across your recipe for sausage rolls and I'm gonna try to make some using the "British bangers" we get here in California. (I'm in Modesto -- central San Joaquin Valley 90 mins north of Fresno; 90 mins south of Sacramento; and 90 mins east of San Francisco.

They aren't a patch on the =real= "bangers" we used to get when we lived in "God-Zone" [New Zealand] for about 12 years.

I =love= to cook and bake -- just tried a "new" bread recipe today -- and my wife is an ardent quilter and needleworker -- and secretary of the local branch of the Embroiders' Guild of the US.

I retired from teaching in June -- a second career for me after +30 years in ag journalism in the US and New Zealand.

Have done some traveling in Canada -- had dinner in the CN Tower in Toronto two summers ago -- and we would like to do more now that I'm retired.

Am enjoying your blog!


Ol' "JW"

Bryan said...

Yep Google is one weird animal!!
I recently had an incident of a bad worm problem from a google link that nested in my firefox!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have been having troubles with this on several sites!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I had this problem, nothing worked and then I tried what you said and everything's fine now. Thanks from Italy, Maria