Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sew up a Pot Mitt

I started making these a few years ago because they were quick and easy. It's sort of a oven mitt but with no thumb so you can also use them for pot holders too. When I was in Wal-Mart I tried picking up the batting with the teflon on one side but unfortunately it was all sold out. I used normal batting for this tutorial but I think I should have cut two because it's too thin, so modify the pattern if you wish. Today I made this one with one colour but I've also made them striped with scraps of fabric I've sewed together, you can also use different coloured fabric for the pocket and back, well you get the picture, experiment :)

For the pattern pieces click here. There are four pieces on three sheets of 8.5 x11 inch paper. I've traced black around the outside edges to make it easier to cut out.

Cut 2 of the outside. Cut 1 pocket piece. Cut 1 batting (you may want to cut 2 or more if the batting you use is thin).
Because the batting does not go right to the outside edge, making this a snap to sew, you can probably use almost anything (old jeans, fleece, etc.) but make sure it's thick enough so that you don't burn your hand!

You'll also cut out 1 hanger. Sometimes I make it shorter or skinnier depending out what I have for left over fabric.

Place the batting on the wrong side of one of the outside pieces and pin in place. Try to centre it as best you can.

Sew randomly all over.

Press it with an iron.

Serge along the top of the pocket and fold down about 1/2 an inch, or you can just fold it over twice to create a hem.

Sew in place.

Place the pocket on the right side of the outside piece that does NOT have the batting sewn to it.

Place the batting/outside piece on top of the other two pieces, right sides together with the pocket in between.

Take your hanger piece of fabric and iron in half.

Open it up and see the crease?

Iron both halves up to the crease you created.

Fold in half and press.

Sew close to the edge.

Your hanger is inserted at the top of the other pieces, upside down and folded in half so you have a loop, raw edges sticking out.

Pin the whole works in place leaving about a 2 inch gap at the bottom. Do NOT sew between those two bottom pins!

Start sewing at the bottom pin and stop sewing at the other bottom pin. When you are sewing around and come to the hanger, backstitch a couple times so it will never come out :)

The gap you did not sew closed is used for turning.

Carefully turn everything.

I use a chopstick to push into the edges.

Use your fingers to flatten the gap and pin in place.

Press, press, press with a hot iron! When everything looks good, you're ready to topstitch along the edge, this is where you will catch that gap at the bottom.

Get as close as you dare but make sure to catch the gap.

Press with an iron and you're good to go bake something :)


dawn said...

Your tutorials are so great. One day I will sew again. I used to like to sew, but I really like to have a space and the time. That is a great gift idea too, and I like the idea of using old jeans.

Anonymous said...

great christmas gifts eh!! AB.

jackie said...

I like the fabric. Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the ladybugs! I have to try this - thanks for the tutorial!

Donna F said...

This is the handiest pot mitt. I have one that matches my place matts. Of course mine is the Rooster Pattern and I love it. It proudly hangs handy on my cupboard handle over the stove. Thank you Kansas. You do spoil me and I love it. :)

Love Ya!