Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Settin' Time

I have three gals setting in the coop. I know Baby Banty will be good for the long haul but I'm not sure about the other two. Once Baby Banty starts setting there is nothing that will get her off. Yesterday I went to check on her and not only was she sitting on her eggs but there was another hen sitting on her!

This is Pinky, she has a pink band on her leg that's how she got her name. She's mothered before, remember Midnight and all those adopted chicks? I think she'll be okay if she stays on the eggs tonight. If she's off then I'll put her eggs under Baby Banty but there will be a battle in the morning I'm sure.

Here we have a no namer who's never had a batch of chicks before but she did "help" raise a couple of chicks when she sort of took over and shared them with another hen. This gal is pretty old and is one of the original hens I got back in 2004.

It's marked on the calendar, 21 days, starting two days ago. We'll see how many roosters we get ;)


jackie said...

baby banty takes motherhood to new heights!

Anonymous said...

ooooooo!!! Baby Banty mommy...potential baby chicks! I can't wait to see the babies! =)

dawn said...

Oh how exciting raising your own chicks. We just get out in but maybe one day I will be emailing you for advice.

Anonymous said...

This should make for a lot of little chicks. I hope it warms up soon.