Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Hummingbird Post

I know you're all probably getting bored of the hummingbird posts, and I thought we were actually getting fewer numbers... but boy was I wrong tonight! This picture is totally untouched other than resizing it.

This picture was taken only seven minutes after the top one, but I turned on my flash.

I picked up a new feeder and it didn't take them long to get used to it. I ordered the feeder from Backyard Chirper in the US. I really should have bought the 72 ounce one but I went with the 32 ounce instead because it has a glass bottle. I find the plastic bottles break down over the years, but if the company wants to send me one to test I'm willing :)

Another one at the new feeder.

And still another. I told Hubby we have to get rid of those ugly hydro lines because they're screwing up my hummingbird pictures. Depending on where they are I can usually crop or clone them out but some are just there to stay... yuck.

I've still got the other feeder up, and have only taken one down. It was pretty full tonight and I think keeping two on the go will save me constantly refilling.

Depending on whether I use the flash on my camera the wings are either white or black. No flash this picture. Their wings look like angel wings or ghost images.

All the above pictures were taken in less than 15 minutes. I really thought the numbers were starting to dwindle but I guess they just took a short break yesterday because they seem to be back full force tonight. I promise I won't post another hummingbird picture for the rest of the week... well not unless one happens to fly in the house, land on my table, and starts typing at my laptop. (And I'd best have my camera ready!)


Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting the hummingbird pics, I love them!! I'm so happy whenever I see new ones. :D

DaviMack said...

They're great! And don't worry about the lines in the background - we're not looking at them!

jackie said...

I'm with the others. Keep posting them! We usually only see two, or at most three humming birds at the feeder at the lake. Non in town here.

Anonymous said...

You have the most beautiful hummingbirds in the WORLD where you are!! I love all the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing them here. The are all so unique. I never tire of looking at them. Thanks for such beautiful pictures. Keep posting them please.

Anonymous said...

These are totally awesome pictures.

dawn said...

I love the photos. They are utterly fascinating. Keep up the good work.

lisa marie said...

Oh those are delightful! My mom usually has bunches in her yard (near Joplin, MO) but while we were visiting I only saw a couple. I haven't posted my pics yet but am loving yours! :)