Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Stuff: Chicks, Booties, & Birds

This is what I usually see when I lock the chickens up at night. These two are always snugged under Pinky, I guess with the warm weather they don't have to "cover" right up.

And doesn't this little one look sleepy?

I knit up a pair of booties for my future grandchild. They are one piece but look like two. The pattern is pretty easy but the blue wool I had wasn't quite the right weight, and the double pointed needles for the yellow weren't the right size. I looked for size 2 dpn's in Michael's and Wal-Mart when I was in Kamloops but none were to be found, darnit. I did pick up the right wool so I think I'll just bump up the regular needles to size three to match the dpn's and hope for the best. The pattern can be purchased here: Moc-a-soc.

A couple of pics, taken last night, of a hummingbird. There are still quite a few but the numbers are beginning to drop.

Aren't random pics/posts great? I can just ramble on and my mind doesn't have to concentrate on any one thing...

Thanks to everyone for your comments about our dog Blue. He's a bit under the weather today but I think it will take awhile for him to totally heal. I have to go back to Kamloops in two weeks so I just may make a vet appointment for him then.


Autumn said...

Your chicks are so cute! I want one too!
And I love the booties. They are adorable!
We recently hung up a hummingbird feeder, but we haven't seen any birds yet... Your pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that first picture is SO CUTE. Thanks for sharing, it is exactly what I needed to see right now. :)

Anonymous said...

The hen and her babies are so adorable. knitting already eh! Glad to hear blue is ok...AB

TadMack said...

I always love it when chicks have that half-closed thing going with their eyes. So cute. I just want to squeeze them when they're that size. And they SO don't want to be bothered!

The booties are ADORABLE. I am considering trying to make a quick pair on my loom - have never done booties, ever, but I have some time on a plane coming up, and just might do it to match a wee little hat for a friend's new baby. Drop me a note and point me in the direction of a pattern if you have time/inclination.

Be well.

jackie said...

Knitting booties already! I knew that you would cozy up to the idea of "grandma" !

I'm glad that Blue is doing better. I hope for a full recovery!

Di the humming birds usually slack off at this time of year? Are you just a stop off place on their migration? If so, where do they come form and where are they going?

Anonymous said...

Oh...the mommy chick and her little babies are too sweet! And so are the booties!

Listen, would you like me to check around here and see if I can find the needle sizes you need? It wouldn't be a problem at all and I'd be happy to mail them to you.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.

dawn said...

The hens and chicks are so cute. I love the hummingbird photos and the booties are very cute too.