Thursday, May 8, 2008

Branding 2008

Last Saturday's branding was a bit slow, I don't mean slow to brand but slow for excitement. Whenever the calf table gets used there really isn't a whole lot of excitement. Oh it is a lot easier on the calves but there's just something about having ropers and horses, dirt flying & mud slinging, and the guys throwing those calves down that makes it very exciting. Every few years ropers are used but not this year.

Here's Hubby putting on the brand.

Billy, a friend, likes to run the head of the table, and does a great job too.

Some of the calves waiting in the coral.

There's a bit of complaining going on, and I can't say that I blame them ;)

Leighton, my nephew, rounds them up and sends them down the chute.

You can't help but feel for the little gaffs.

Uncle Eric, my FIL's brother, puts on an ear tag. Pops sometimes misses a few when they are first born so it's done now.

A quick vaccination shot and this guy is almost ready to go. This one had to be castrated on the table, not normally done because the calves are usually banded but this one was missed in the field.

About the castrating; there was a guy there that could do it in less than 30 seconds! Wow I was so impressed. I took video and it's funny to see the guys wince everytime I play it lol. No I won't post it but I just had to let you all know :) I think in total there were only three that had to be done on the table, not near enough to fry up and eat... really.

After all was done down at the coral everyone headed up to the house to enjoy some great eats!

Here's my favourite guy enjoying his dinner.


Donna F said...

He is one of my favourite guys too.
I guess whatever is easier on the calves is for the best. The guys could bring in some bulls to ride.:)

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

the branding looks very exciting to me..ab

Anonymous said...

FRY UP AND EAT?!?!?!?!!



Jevan looks like he's enjoying his vittles! =) Such a cutie!

dawn said...

We are doing that this weekend. Looks about the same where we are.