Thursday, June 12, 2008

If anyone can explain this to me

For the most part, everything went well when I was gone to Kamloops to pick up Hubby from the airport. Well almost... Dallas phoned my cell at 8 in the morning while we were at the motel. She told me that while they were sitting at the table waiting for the bus Sydney said "Look at that bird!" What was odd? Well (and this is the odd part) a hummingbird was hanging upside down at the feeder, dead. Yup still gripped on by it's little feet dangling. Now I think that is the one of the oddest things I've ever heard. Dallas had brought the feeder in so I could see it when I got home, I know morbid, but really one wouldn't believe it unless one saw it. Upon checking out the little gaf I couldn't find a thing wrong with it, no injuries at all. It's like it had a heart attack and just fell backwards. I had to pry it's feet loose just to get it off. Anyone care to explain because I'm stumped? Is this some sort of omen (if you believe in that sort of thing)?
UPDATE: Duane (the father of my future grandchild) called me and said that the hummingbird could have been stung by a bee/wasp, this makes sense! There's often bees at the feeder and if a bird gets stung it will die almost instantly. Good one Duane, thanks :)

Along with the death, there was a birth while I was gone. Dallas doesn't like sticking her hand under chickens so she will only collect the eggs she can see (big chicken herself). I reached my hand under a no namer Barred Rock and lo and behold there was a little black chick there. I had told Hubby the next chick to be born is going under Midnight, she's been sitting the longest, and chickens will switch nests over and over until you never know who's sitting on who's eggs. No namer didn't seem to mind and finally, after two months, Midnight has her own chick and can finally leave the nest.

We stopped in Lytton on our way home so I could register Jevan for kindergarten and then we popped on over to the bank. The Spirit Pole was going on and they had quite the gathering with people lined up in the street, drums beating and music blasting!

Sydney had been there with her class about noon, and was able to do a bit of carving herself. She was pretty excited when she got home because they had let her keep the shavings she had carved off, along with memorabilia from the gathering. From what she tells me the Spirit Pole will be placed during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.


TadMack said...

That is SO exciting! Cutest little black chickie EVER!

And how fun to be part of the Spirit Pole!! Is your family Cowichan, or was everyone just sort of adopted into the clan for the project? What a memory to keep.

TadMack said..., has it been very cold or warm? Maybe that had something to do with the hummer...

chris said...

how pretty I never knew chicks came in anything but fluffy yellow before.

Kansas A said...

Hi Tadmack, Hubby and Kids are status Indians but I gather anyone can carve on the Spirit Pole.
Our weather has been a bit cooler than normal lately so maybe that had something to do with it, not sure tho' because I would expect to see more dead but that's been the only one, other than the poor bird Jevan had :)

Kansas A said...

Hi Chris, the barred rocks are always black, speckled with white/yellow on them. The are so adorable and I'm really hoping for hens, fingers crossed! :)

Dallas said...

You should have put a pic of the humming bird in...It's not like it's a morbid picture or anything...there is no maggots eating it!! I took some on your old camera and left the bird there so you could take some with your camera. Anyway put up some pictures so everyone can be in awe like we were.

dawn said...

Pretty amazing about the humming bird. I was wondering why you didn't have a photo, but then I am a bit morbid. When my inlaws were in the car accident and my MIL had her face smashed up I kept thinking we need to take photos (but didn't). I did tell my kids if I am ever in that situation to take photos (unless I am going to die) because when it is all over and the drugs wear off and the bruising is gone and the mind comes back, I would want to see what I went through. Anyway, off track.

The baby chick is very cute.

Wonderful opportunity to contribute to and have part of the spirit pole.