Sunday, June 15, 2008

Next year he'll be in school

As I look over to check on Jevan I'm shocked to see this:

Yes he's stripped off all his clothes and is totally naked playing in the mud. I just keep telling myself that "This time next year he'll be in school!" Someday I'll probably miss all these times, and maybe even look back and just laugh at the wonders of my little boy's mind. Actually I did laugh but I may laugh harder when he's older :)

The garden has been taking up most of my time and other than a few things left to plant I'm pretty well done.

The kids had their birthday party on the seventh. Dallas, Duane, Aunty Biffy, Kristopher, Grandma, and Mikey all came. This year Dallas picked up a cake from our local grocery store and, other than both kid's names spelled wrong, it was pretty good.

We also put up the new pool and the kids were in it long before it was filled. I've ordered the salt water system to attach to it, and from what I've read online it sounds like it will be much cheaper to run and very little maintenance, sounds great to me :)

I'm off to Kamloops in the morning, waaaaay to early because the plane will be leaving an hour earlier than usual. Hubby's six days are up and he has to head back to work. No speeding tickets, no deaths, no no no nothing... finger's crossed nothing out of the ordinary happens while I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

Kansas...Absolutely priceless!!!!He is one of a kind...Don't they say mud is good for the skin? Pat

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your company...ab

Anonymous said...

That is cute for now. When he turns eighteen and still rolling in the mud naked, that might be a problem.

dawn said...

The mud bath will be a great photo for his wedding day titled "Cheap on Spa Treatments", a warning to the wife.

The pool looks like a lot of fun. Our neighbours have a pool and got a wood burning heater to heat the water so they can use it longer.

It was such a relief to have my garden planted, but now I have weeds to deal with. Each year I say it will be better next year; I'm not sure if it is working.

Tipnut said...

Just popping in to see how you're doing Kansas A and you don't disappoint--My favorite (Jevan) is up to tricks and I *just love him*, lol!

Kansas A said...

Thanks Tipnut, Jevan can be a handful at times and I always say "if he would've been my first he would've been my last" but I do love him to pieces :)