Monday, June 23, 2008

Renovating... again

The excitement of the day was receiving a panic phone call that the fire from the dump was quickly climbing the bank and Grandma's house was in danger! Robert and I immediately jumped in the truck and roared over there. When we got there everyone pretty much had the fire under control and there were just a few spot fires still burning. Some of the fence posts will probably burn for a few days but I think everything will be okay. The smoke was pretty intense there for a bit but it's been a bit windy so that's quickly dissipating.

Robert and my Mom have been here for a couple of days, as well as my Mom's sister Frances. We're having a family room put onto the house and Robert has been busy sawing and cutting out on the deck. I can't believe how fast Builder's World, our local building supply store, was! I called them Friday morning to ask if they could do a Saturday delivery. They told me that they didn't do Saturday deliveries but they could deliver that day if I got our material list in toot sweet. Around 4:30 they rolled into the yard with our delivery, wow you can't ask for better service than that :)

Dallas and Duane were out for dinner so I had quite the houseful last night. She brought a few pairs of maternity pants for me to hem up and it's still taking a bit for it to sink in that my baby is having a baby. As promised I told Dallas that I would post Duane's business card on my blog so here it is. If you are looking for any work give Duane a call, have a chat with him, and pay well :)

I heard from Hubby last night (he's still up in the Charlotte's) and we sure have no idea what's going to happen. Another company that was going to move into the sort yard has now gone bankrupt so Hubby's deadline is really up in the air. He has no idea when he's coming home or even if they have another shift there. I guess we'll soon know everything but it's a bit frustrating when one has to sit and wait for info. He's still enjoying working in the sort yard with his crow buddy. This picture was taken from the inside of the loader and you can see how his one foot is misshapen, but the crow gets around fine. I swear my Hubby would buddy up with a Grizzly bear if it came wandering in, thank goodness these animals can't get on the plane, although I can see a crow following alongside :)


Sorka said...

Send Duane on down here to Ohio. I have a yard that needs to be reassembled.. and a front balcony that needs to be replaced! hehhe
I wish it were that easy! I sure would take you up on it, and throw him some business.

DaviMack said...

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles up there! It's hard to believe, but I guess it's trickle-down from the housing industry troubles? More world trauma caused by the silly U.S. Banks?

jackie said...

I hope that your hubby gets word soon as to what is happening! I think that it is cool that he has befriended a crow. Or the crow has befriended him.

dawn said...

Renos are so exciting, especially add ons. We hope to add on to our house soon. We sure need to, but it all takes money and time, and more money so we will see when and what we get.

Cute crow, they are suppose to be really smart. Obviously, can see right through to your hubby's kind heart.