Monday, July 14, 2008

Booooo Costco

Thank goodness Hubby is finally home! This last trip into camp seemed like forever but it was only 21 days... I guess we got used to the shorter trips and this time it felt as if the time really dragged on and on.

I think I've learned that I can't live without my husband, mind you I truly believe he feels the same about me (or I hope he does). I know that sounds so cliche but when one lives on a ranch there are certain things I just can't do, strength and knowledge deprives me. I guess I could always hire someone to do those jobs but I've learned to wait until Hubby is home and then I know the job will be done, and done right :)

For instance; we picked up a salt water chlorinator for the pool and by the time it got here our new pool pump had broken. I took it apart and all the fins off the impeller had snapped off. I called Costco and after two days (three voice mails) they finally returned my call, "Sorry Ma'am that product has been discontinued (I bought it at the end of May!) and we will not be getting anymore in this year." She gave me a 1-800 number to call that she had found in her documents from her own pool and told me she was "fortunate" that she didn't buy hers at Costco! (Sarcastic: gee lucky her). Why on earth can't Costco call the number and arrange a replacement? So much for the one year guarantee. I told her that was unsatisfactory and she told me that my only option was to return the whole pool, they couldn't even just replace the pump. Can you imagine? I have an 18 foot by 52 inch pool full of water that is 80 degrees (thanks to our screaming hot weather) and she wants me to simply take it all down and return it? I told her I didn't even have the box, she said as long as I had the manuals I could return it. Oh sure, then we have no pool for the rest of the year. You all remember it's also a four hour drive to Costco and back? So I emailed the pool company. Thank goodness someone there has brains. "Fax us your receipt, a brief description of the problem, and we will process your request (up to two days) and have a pump mailed to you within 7 days. NINE days total? My pool is going to be very green in nine days! Of course they are "sorry for the inconvenience" heck haven't they heard of Fed-Ex, Loomis, UPS?? Well at least I don't have to send the old pump in before they mail out the new one.

So this is where Hubby comes in handy :) Before he got home I hooked up last year's pump with a few modifications (okay it looked very hill billy'ish but it worked), what do the kids care about baler twine hanging off a few hoses? But I still couldn't hook up the new salt water chlorinator. Hubby took a few measurements, a hose, I'm assuming some kind of glue because at one point he said he was letting something dry, and a few different fittings and, wala!, we have the salt chlorinator hooked up! I figure that as long as water is going in, coming out, and the little green light is on everything should be okay... it's not pretty but it's working. I still may take Costco up on their offer of bringing the whole thing back at the end of the summer, it will save me having to store the pool in the barn, and the kids get a brand new pool next year. Costco can have their broken pump back, pool and all!

Sydney enjoying the pool :)


Anonymous said...

A pool is a must in Lillooet. Sure happy you got it up and running intime for this hot spell. ab

Anonymous said...

AHH - I bet the pool is nice! John is a handy guy! I like the idea of bringing the pool back at the end of summer! Happy swimming! - Diana

Anonymous said...

That is frustrating. That is one unfortunate thing about Costco. The good thing is, they will take back anything broken and you don't have to argue with them. We had a DVD player we bought from them and 4 days before the 1 year anniversary of us purchasing it from them, it kept a DVD. We took it back to Costco, they got the DVD out, and gave us our money back, no box, no books, just a receipt. We went and bought a new one from them for $10 less than we paid for the one from the year before, and we used it a year.

jackie said...

So much for customer service! Good for you taking matters into your own hands! ANd I too think that you should return the fool thing, broken pump and all at the end of the summer.

Darcy said...

I'd bring the pool back at the end of the year too! :)

Looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

I think you should send a copy of this blog post to Costco! What lousy service eh.

Elle Emm said...

I don't think I'll buy anything electronic or something that can break from them. My sister bought a TV, it was defective within a couple of weeks, they did not want to exchange it, they were told to deal directly with the company as they offer NO SUPPORT on the products that they sell.