Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mouse in the House!

We get lots of mice, especially at haying time, but they are mostly up in our attic and Hubby puts up poison so that thins them out pretty good. What can I say..., we live on a ranch and when the tractors with the swathers, flippers, and balers are all doing their jobs on the fields the mice are running for cover. When they start coming down to our main living area that's when I get a tad upset. A few weeks ago I was giving 'er on the Wii doing the hula hoop thing, and let me tell you once you get going on that thing you really can't stop. All of a sudden Sydney screams "There's a MOUSE!" I look down beside me and, sure enough, there's a big fatty sitting right beside the Wii fit console, a mere inches from my barefeet! It looks up at me as if to say "I'm next, but I'll wait for you to finish." And from the size of him he sure needed a workout.

I still had about a minute left and that darn mouse didn't move, other than watching me. I swear if there was a mini-recliner he would have jumped in there and put his feet up! Even all the screaming, hollering, and commotion didn't budge him. When I finished my hula stint and I stepped leaped off the Wii (onto the couch) he sort of lazily lumbered over to the other couch. I called for Duane (Dally's fiance), okay I may have screamed, and he came hustling in a lot faster than the mouse. This rather lazy mouse toodled around the living room behind the couch, over my Aunt's suitcase, and eventually made his way out to our other living room. I have never in my life seen a mouse move so slow, usually they are zipping away faster than you can blink, and you're left wondering if you really saw one. Duane finally managed to flatten him down with a frisbee and then took him outside... blech. I have no idea where my cat was, probably outside stuffed full of mice still trying to make their way in from the fields... hmmmph.

So everything has been pretty good, haven't seen hide nor hair of any mouse... until last night. Sydney and Jevan are watching tv in the living room and suddenly that "There's a MOUSE" scream again. Darnit! We all bolt for the living room and I see nothing. This one is obviously not related to the last one or maybe it's been working out with our Wii after we've gone to bed. I grab one of those pre-baited mouse traps but it's pretty old so I slap some peanut butter on it and hope for the best. Within ten minutes Sydney comes in the kitchen and grabs a carrot from the fridge, but in her other hand she has one of my tupperware containers. "Whatcha doing?" I asked.
"Nothing." She replies.
"What's with the tupperware container?"
"Well... well.... (voice speeds up) that mouse keeps poking his head out from behind the tv like "Come and get me, nyahhh nyahhh nyahhh!"" Her face and actions were absolutely hysterical! LOL LOL I have no idea how she thought she was going to catch him with a carrot and a tupperware container but I would be amazed if she did.

Between her trap and mine, I won :) The mouse was dead in the trap this morning, let's hope all the other mice heard the SNAP! Now if I could just keep the bees under control at the pool, arrrgh! What's next? Locusts? Yeesh.

To all my regular readers who have blogs: I've been at your sites reading but right now I just haven't have time for commenting, please forgive me. With Sydney home for the summer holidays, Hubby back from camp, garden weeding, pool tending, etc., etc. there's not enough hours in the day. September can't come quick enough for me!


TadMack said...

Oh, yikes, yikes, yikes. I can give you two words that will top the mice: Roof Rat. *shudders* Somehow, mice I can deal with, but when they're half the size of cats... I must run.

I hope the slow one hadn't been poisoned. That's always so awful; I'm afraid they'll blunder off somewhere and die and then the SMELL! Ugh.

Happy busy summer to you -- enjoy!

Darcy said...

Oh my! I cannot handle mice. They send me screaming and running far away! We caught a few mice in our garage this winter and it was Thomas's job to empty the traps. It's so nice having an 8 year old son to take care of things like that for me. :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad the only mice in our house are the ones the cat brings in. Of course our house is such a mess there are no crevices left for a mouse to hide. Funny about the fat one. Reminds me of some of the rats on the movie Ratatouille.

I hear you about reading and commenting. I am getting around but slowly. It doesn't help that crazies like me signed up for and are fullfilling Blog 365.

Anonymous said...

I think you better get another cat.ab

Nicole said...

LOL. That cracked me up. I can imagine that fat mouse sitting there. Thanks for the laugh!

BarbaraLee said...

Moth balls help keep them away. Dh puts them in his boat for winter months. Never had a problem.