Friday, August 22, 2008

Dally's Wedding

Before I am shot I'd best post some pics of Dally's wedding ;)

We were going to be in Kamloops Wednesday attending the Randy Travis show when Dallas called us on Monday and asked if we could stay an extra day... I asked "Why?"

"Because I'm getting married on Friday," she replied.

"Ahhhhh, ummmm, WHAT?" Nothing like surprising her mother!

The hurry? Oh eight, oh eight, oh eight... the date. Well I should say that's not the only reason, they do love each other and have lived together for about four years and she is with child... I could go on and on but in the end they got hitched, and I'm really happy for them. Hubby and I were both witnesses, along with Jevan and Sydney being there (Dallas had brought them over Friday morning).

The ceremony was in the JP's backyard and the weather was perfect.

My daughter, being so prepared like her mother ;) had no bouquet, and when I asked her where her flowers were she held up her feet and said she had even forgot shoes and was being married in her grubby runners. I ran to the nearest grocery store, really I did run across the parking lot because the wedding was in less than five minutes! I bought two bunches of flowers that matched her outfit and, out of breath, we were away!

Jevan was spiffed up with a new shirt, and a promotional 1 dollar hat (looking over my receipt it was actually only a penny!) a saleswoman had sold him earlier at FutureShop. I wish they would have been selling ties because he was a bit miffed that he had to take his hat off during the ceremony.

But then in his usual style he let us all know how he felt about being there.

On Monday, when Dallas called to tell me about getting married, Hubby overheard me saying "Don't you want a big wedding with everyone there?" In the background he's waving his hands at me saying "No, think how much money we'll save!!" Yeah real funny... men!
Sydney and Hubby.

So this year my daughter makes me a MIL (shouldn't that be a four letter word?) and a Granny next year... yeesh enough already! I can feel my age kicking into high gear and I'm heading downhill fast! Although it makes me feel young registering my youngest for kindergarten this year, but I'll bet Jevan has the oldest Mama in the class LOL!


Anonymous said...

nice wedding and congratulations. They look so happy to gether. I am here with salmon on counter and cedar plank soaking in water and am getting the Maryann video up so I can see how to filet it for whiskey planked salmon tonight. Just picked the green beans and new white potatoes. you should bring the wedding party and come for dinner.ab

She dragon said...

cool.We got married in jumpers,trainers and jeans 22 years ago.We went camping immediately afterwards for our honeymoon.3 days by the seaside in rainy kent.
Your photographs are very good.

DaviMack said...

Congratulations to them, and to you!

Kansas A said...

Aunty B: ... and of course you bought Atlantic salmon at Safeway right? :)

Thanks She dragon. Sounds like you had one whirlwind wedding :)

Thanks David, one down, two to go :)

Mikey said...

Awww, that's beautiful. Dallas is beautiful :)

TadMack said...

Congratulations, M-I-L! Wow! If you ever want to do something big with "everybody there," you can always have a blessing of sorts for the baby, right? And you'll all make sure and bring your shoes!

Joy to you and them!

jackie said...

Well! You (or at least your family) has been busy while I was away! Congratulations to all! Dallas was a beautiful bride despite the grubby runners!

I swore that I wouldn't comment on any of the two million posts that I missed out on while in the land of dial up with a broken internal modem, but I just couldn't help myself!

I'm also getting ready to make some more bread and butter pickles within the next couple of days because my cukes have gone wild!

Can't wait to call you Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kansas!!!! How wonderful! Dallas looks beautiful in these pictures - and what a story to tell her children: Daddy and I got married and I wore sneakers and your Nana had to run across the street to buy me flowers!

I'm so happy for them and for you! Hugs to all of you! Wish I had been there! =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your family. How wonderful and a great date to be married.