Saturday, January 3, 2009

Canon Rebel XSi

Yesterday my new camera came in, minus one lens :(  Apparently Futureshop didn't think it was important for me to know that there is two tracking numbers and that one of my lenses would be shipped separately, hmmph, they found out differently when I called.  Oh well, I did get two other lenses with it so Sydney and I headed out into the snow and shining sun this morning to test it out.

The camera is a Canon Rebel XSi.

I do believe that by the time I figure out all the settings on this camera I will be too old and feeble to use it but, what the heck, I'm having fun ;)

I started by snapping with my own settings and then changed to default, the bad thing is I can't remember which is which, make note to oneself to remember the numbers.  Speaking of numbers, for the brief time we were out there I snapped 345 pictures!  Thank goodness for 16 GB cards these days.

Anyway here's a few shots.

Our snow is quite light and not good for snowmen at all.

Sydney doesn't mind, she just wants her picture taken.

Moving on the swing seemed to come out pretty clear.

A few more of her, the ham she is.

Then Teddy had to get in on the action, mind you Sydney was getting tuckered out by then, but I just had to test out the "sports" mode so I made her run all over the yard.  Here she is trying to take a break.

Teddy isn't much of a mover but he does love to cuddle.

No he's not much of an action dog at all... unless I call him and he thinks I have food.

At least he wasn't too disappointed when I didn't.

Then who's that in the distance missing out on all the fun?  BLUE!

Now when Blue comes running you quickly get up because the dog will bow you right over!

His favourite game; "where's the stick?"

His other favourite game... "give me the stick or I bite your heel."  What do you expect from a Blue Heeler?

Now all these pictures posted have been reduced and some have been cropped.  I like the camera, I like the weight of it and the feel of it in my hands (I also purchased the battery grip to go with it).  I definitely have to work on the lighting as I think some of the pictures should be brighter.  Teddy barely shows up because he is so black, yet the snow seems right, I'll work on that.  I guess it will take me awhile to figure out white balance, AV, P, TV, etc., etc.  Time to head on over to Amazon and buy some books :)


Oma said...

That is a lot of pictures. They look great and it looks like you are having fun. I am looking forward to more. You have a great subject to work with. Sydney looks beautiful. The dogs look ok too. :)

Love Ya!

dawn said...

These photos look great. Sydney is such a pretty girl. It looks like she is having fun. We were looking at new cameras a few days ago, but still haven't decided on what level we will go and what price we are willing to pay. We will need one by our trip to the coast in April.

DaviMack said...

SHOOT IN RAW. You'll then be able to adjust 2 F-stops either way of "properly exposed," you'll be easily able to adjust the contrast and color saturation, you can crop there, you can "stamp" out dust (or red-eye), and you can then render out the final .jpg just as you'd like it to be. Learn how to manipulate the Digital Photo Professional software - it'll take you a day or so - and then spend the next several months working out the camera. I did it the other way around, and I sorely regret it, 'cause I could have fixed some of my shots with the software, if I'd only known.

Need any tips, I'm happy to advise!

Great shots, for straight out of the box, though - you're already there with knowing how to shoot a photo. :)

Anonymous said...

a side view of blue in the snow would be great...ab

jackie said...

Nice job. Maybe some day I'll be able to understand all of the jargon that goes along with digital cameras. But don;t hold your breath!

Anonymous said...

wow nice pics they sure are clear

Anonymous said...

wow nice pics af