Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grinding & Welding

Today I decide to head down to the shop.  I seldom go down there because there's really not a whole lot of girl stuff going on, but I thought I might snap some pics of Hubby doing what he does.

The first thing I see is how extremely busy he is, hard at 'er, just what he tells me every time he comes up to the house.  Whew, I bet it was hard to put all that wood in the stove?  (If I had a sarcastic key on my laptop I'd probably wear it out :)).

I see this as an opportunity to snap some pics.  He grabs his welder's helmet (that's what I bought him for Christmas last year) and gets busy, although I do have to hear things like "You better not be blogging me."  But do I listen?

I soon realize how hard it is to shoot pictures with massive flashes of lights in your face!  No matter what setting I pick on my camera nothing comes out and I really have to tweak this picture with the Canon software.  I took DaviMack's advice and have been shooting in RAW format so tweaking pictures is great now, but I don't think this pic was going to get much better.  Most of the pictures turned out terribly dark.

He switches to the grinder and things lighten up quite a bit, at least now it doesn't look like we are down there at midnight.

So I've had enough of the shop and I head back up to the house.  Hubby and Jevan have gone somewhere on the skidder so I just may saunter out there again and snap some skidder pics in a bit.


Anonymous said...

Busy man that guy!

Mikey said...

Tell Hubby that's the coolest dang helmet and gloves I've ever seen! Where did you get that? I want one!!! Mine's all plain. Although I will say, someone told me a while back, get a full face plate (instead of those dinky old 2inch by 4 inch kind) and man, I can see SO much better!!
But I want a helmet like that!!! That is SO COOL!!!

DaviMack said...

OK, underneath your right thumb is a button which looks like a star / asterisk. It's really annoying if you push it and don't know about it, because what it does is to lock in the exposure settings. Why is this button useful? Because you can tell hubby to get posed, but not light up the welder. You'd press the shutter halfway down, then press the * key, and it'll lock in the exposure as if there were no fire. Yeah, you'll get things a bit overexposed (unless you purposefully underexpose the shot - which you do by pushing the A/V button and spinning your wheel, to roll the exposure back - probably by about 1.5 stops).

OR you could learn to set things manually, and just keep on tweaking until you get the right exposure, and then shoot the whole series at manual exposure.

Do know about that * key, though, 'cause if you hit it accidentally you'll end up with some strange shots. Been there, done that. ;)

Ol' "JW" said...

C'mon . . . give a guy a break!

Anonymous said...

Those power tools can be fasinating and one day I had this huge chunk of ground beef in the freezer and I didnt want to waste any of it so I found jims grinder and I cut it in half so i could use some and put the other side back in the freezer. It worked great until I happened to look in the mirror and my face was splattered with you know what. It is snowing here right now and I hope it quits very soon. ab

Kansas A said...

Mikey: I tried to send you an email but haven't a clue what your email address is. Went over your site but no luck... anyway send me something and I'll fill you in on the details of hubby's helmet and gloves :)

Now JW I would but he always tells me he's working soooo hard ;)

Hilarious AB, I find it hard to imagine a grinder in your hand!! LOL