Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chicken Tales

I get all sizes of eggs. Small ones from the Banty hens, regular size from the regular hens, and BIG ones from hens just starting, or just ending, their lives.

The regular size egg is in the center, it's hard to tell but the big egg is most likely a double-yolker and pretty much fills my hand.

I have an assortment of chickens, mixed and matched over the years, with new ones added to the coop every so often. I thought I'd pretty much seen everything there is to see with eggs; ones with no shell, wrinkled eggs, half shell eggs, HUGE eggs, small eggs.... but then these gals do something that surprises me.

I've seen eggs that were small, or so I thought, but I have never, ever, not in my whole life, seen an egg this small come from my coop! The youngest chickens I have are about three months old, hens don't start laying until about five months, so I'm pretty sure this egg didn't come from any of them, but you never know.


Anonymous said...

That is the tiniest egg I have seen. It looks smaller than a robins egg. Wow!

Oma said...

Oh my...that is one tiny egg. That chicken got off easy. :) I sure do like those big double yolkers of yours. The farm fresh eggs are so good. I guess I have to make a trip up soon and get some.

Love Ya!

TadMack said...

Hah! With that size of egg, don't you feel like you ought to, I don't know, plant it, instead of eat it!?

Maybe you'll get more chicks.

DaviMack said...

You know, we gave T's dad some button-quail & they laid eggs about that size. Cutest things in the world, too - but they don't fly (or if they do, not much), and they nest on the ground, so they're easy prey.

Kansas A said...

No no no TadMack! Remember the "buy chickens, have 16 chicks show up a day later" post? I don't need anymore chickens! ;)

Anonymous said...

ONe goose egg in the fry pan with one robin egg looks kinda funny. The candy man did it one time at Kelly Creek.ab

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I love it when you talk about Chickens.. :)

I have had some problems with mine. Well not really with mine but with something eatting them. I lost a chicken a day for 7 straight days. It was heart breaking.

Rebuilding a new coop this summer.

jackie said...

That IS a small egg!