Thursday, January 8, 2009

Meet Sadie

We've had a new dog on the ranch for a bit now. Sadie belongs to my niece, and when Jess attends school out of town five days a week, she leaves Sadie here. She started out rather timid but has become quite friendly with most of us.

Sadie is a Blue Heeler, the same breed as our dog Blue. Her and Blue like to play.

Blue is quite good and ignores her as long as he can. Sort of like when I'm whining at Hubby to do something for me.

But Sadie is as persistent as I am :)

From the corner of my eye I see Billy, who has just spotted Blue and Sadie.

Blue and Sadie get quite vocal and Billy doesn't like what he hears or sees.

In a blur Billy turns and hightails it.

If you'd like to see that a bit clearer.

Finally Blue can't take it anymore and decides to show Sadie who's boss. This reminds me of Hubby and I fighting over the last smoked oyster on the plate.

In the end they buddy up, and Sadie goes off to find Hubby who always pays much better attention to her, and hasn't a clue she just kicked Blue's butt.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog ab

Oma said...

Love the pictures and the story that goes with them.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

What did you do with all the snow up there. We can send you some. But it is going fast. Billy looks ready to attack. ab

Mikey said...

I like her!! She's a cutie!