Monday, January 5, 2009

Around the ranch

Ya'll remember Cleopatra, the little chick that looked like it got into an eyebrow pencil?  Here she is pretty much grown now.

Today I was out taking pictures again.  As soon as I walk out the door I usually snap a test shot, and today it happened to be of Cleopatra, although I really shouldn't have cut off the other chicken in the picture :)  I think that if I can take a little bit of time each day I will get better ;)  With Davimack's help I know I'm improving, the man should really write a book he explains things so clear.

Here's one of our oldest horses on the ranch.  Timer belongs to Grandma, and no one dare ride him without Grandma's permission.  We think Timer must be at least 35 and that's getting up there for a horse.  Timer's been up the mountain probably more times than I can count and, as Hubby says; his expiry date is quickly approaching, it will be a sad day on the ranch when that happens.

Here's OJ.  OJ wasn't in a picture taking mood but he did turn for me to get a couple of shots.

While I was talking to OJ & Timer, Pops came riding up on the John Deere with some hay for them.  Pops is always good for a chat and I was surprised at his knowledge of cameras and lenses.  Can you believe the man is two years shy of 70?  I only hope I look that good when I get up there... shhhh don't tell him I let y'all know his age!

Walking back to the house I couldn't help but notice how little snow we have right now.  Usually the mountains are completely covered, but not this year.  I expect we are in for some soon, oh how I wish it were the beginning of spring!

Hubby is still working hard in the shop.... or so I think ;)  (If you read yesterday's post you'll know what I mean.)

And then it was time to head in... my hands were freezing and even the chickens were not enjoying the snow on their feet, this gal went running for dry land.

So that's my random pics for today.  All the pictures were taken in manual mode (I chose the settings) vs automatic (the camera chooses everything) except one, can you guess which one?


Little Ol' Liz said...

Dick Clark's got NOTHING on your Pops! He's a right handsme fellow.

DaviMack said...

You're getting some fabulous pictures there Kans, and that one of Pops? That one needs a frame, I think.

Anonymous said...

Ya liz and I can bet pops hasn't had a face lift.beautiful shots of the animals but I miss the snow covered mountains. Get practising with that new camera.ab

Oma said...

The pictures are great. The only thing lacking is all the snow. We just happened to have four feet piled in our yard. I to wish it was all on the mountains. One nice thing is that it has started to melt slowly, the catch drains should keep up and hopefully our house drains will also.:)
I know you will become a pro with that camera in no time!

Love Ya!