Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rough day

Sometimes you have to do things on a ranch that you really don't want to do, you think that you are incapable of doing. I usually have Hubby around to do those things... unfortunately he's up in the Charlotte's working.

One of my chickens is sick, she's old and you can tell she has a problem. She's suffering, and I have to put her out of her misery. I find it hard to do when, after five + years, she has given me so much, but one can't stand by and watch an animal suffer. I did walk over to the shop looking for Pops but he wasn't around. I spoke to my BIL and my nephew, but today everyone is out rounding up cows to give them medication before anymore calves are born, and they were needed elsewhere. I knew what I had to do...

With a heart feeling like lead I went to the closet and grabbed the .22 gun I own. I loaded it with one bullet, stuck two in my pocket and headed out the door.

She was sitting in an odd position by the chick waterer. I moved the waterer, said I was sorry, and held the gun to her head. One shot and she was down, and I felt horrible. I am happy she is not suffering anymore and has found peace.

Yes there are many times I wonder how we can gather the strength to do the things we do? I admit I'm a "town" kid, I was not raised on a ranch, nor a farm, but I've done more things in the last 15 years of my life that I never would have done if I lived in town... good and bad.

It's times like this when I think about the birth of a single calf born just last week, or the peeping of a tiny chick breaking from it's shell, a full grown hen so trusting she'll eat from your hand... it's those times that keep me going and help me through the rough days.

The picture is one of my much younger hens in the coop.


Anonymous said...

Life is rough but you have to be tough and not let them suffer! Job well done Kansas. I know how hard it is.

Mikey said...

It's got to be done and it says a lot about you that you can do it. It's hard! At least you care.. a lot of people enjoy killing.
You did the right thing. Country life is not always peaches and cream, but it's a good life.

Oma said...

I am sure times like this are hard but we do have to put our own feelings aside and do what is right for the animals. I am sure it hurts us more than them. It's all in a days work on a ranch. You just can't let that chicken suffer until someone else gets the time to do the job. That's why you just have to do these things yourself sometimes. Just know you did the right thing.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Kinda makes me think of MA Kettle. ab.

TadMack said...

Oh, Kansas.
Least you had a gun. My mom had to use a hatchet or her hands when she was growing up because her father wouldn't trust the girls with guns.

Isela said...

you helped her and she is no longer suffering. I am sorry that you had to do it but at least it was you and not someone else who didn't love her. you did it out of love.