Monday, January 26, 2009

Runaway truck!!!

The excitement of the day was looking up at the horse pasture above my garden and seeing Pop's truck coming flat out down the field! My first thought was "wow that truck is sure going fast!" Then it was the sudden realization that there was no driver!

I flew to the glass doors, by this time the truck had gone right past my garden, I then ran to the other side of the house expecting to see the truck flying into the corral across the road, I saw nothing. Then I thought that maybe Pops was slumped over in the seat (hey you never know) so I went for my boots and screamed out the door. I spotted Pops at the top of the field closing the gate, I hollered "POPS!! YOU OKAY?" He was too far away to hear but I could see him finish closing the gate and start the long walk to the bottom.

We met over at his truck. The damage after veering around several cows, bouncing clear down a field, crashing over a woodpile with airtime, dipping into a ditch, plowing through a five strand barb wire fence with a wooden rail across the top, skidding sideways over one big hump of a hill of dirt, and finally coming to rest on a tractor implement?

The windshield is broken...

...and the truck also has a few new cracks in the grill.

I think what panicked Pops the most was, from his view, it looked as if the truck were going to hit our house! He said he was hollering and running after the truck but (in his words) "The truck picked up speed so damn fast... forget it."

A friend has his speed boat parked out here alongside a cube van where we have stored household furnishings and such, the truck was between the two with about a foot of room on each side where it stopped miraculously on all four wheels! I do believe that the tractor implement embedded into the ground that has a piece sticking up, caught the front axle and stopped the truck dead in it's tracks.

Pops was super quick on moving his truck and I did hear him mumble something about "no blogging this" but later on I caught Mikey outside fixing the fence. Check out the woodpile that the truck sailed over! In the far distance I've marked where the truck started from. He had left the truck running on what he thought was "level" ground while he hopped out to close a gate. Next time "e" brake Pops... EEEEE brake!

Mikey using the fence tightener to repair the fence.

Later on in the day Pops was back in the field and the truck seems to be running fine, Ford tough I say :)


Anonymous said...

I do say he will be applying the brake next time. :) What a frightening thing to happen but all ended well. Thank Goodness!! He avoided a lot of cows coming down through that field. Must have been his lucky day.

Mikey said...

OH MY! That is insane! I bet it gave your heart a start, eh? Lol. Lucky day indeed. Ford tough, no doubt.
You have some really wild things happen up there! That's why I love reading you. Love that you're blogging about it, despite being told not to, lol.
Aahhh good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Made me remember when our truck sailed down the driveway bashed through the doors and into the garage and stopped just short of the deepfreeze. You may not remember but your sister will remember that. In powell River Ab.

TadMack said...

"Now, no blogging this."
Heh, heh.

Good thing no cows were harmed in the making of this post. Whew.

Frances said...

woweeeeeeeeeeeeee that was scarrrryglad the kids weren't out side eh af

Oma said...

I am glad everyone is OK and even the truck survived.

Love Ya!

jackie said...

WOW! That was close! I'm glad that there was no one hurt. Truck included.