Monday, February 2, 2009

Hay bale fun

On Sunday, after I felt like I was coming back from the brink of death due to the flu, we all felt well enough to venture out and play on the hay bales.

Here's Sydney contemplating whether she should jump or not.

Here's Blue showing her that it can be done.

And he makes it!  (Your turn Sydney).

After 10 minutes of building up her courage she takes the leap!


We move to a different set of round bales and guess who's going to give it a try?  Yes that would be Jevan!

Really?  You're gonna let him try Mama?  (More like: he's gonna take my glory away!??)

I'll show you Jevan!  (Show off)

See, easy peasy.  (Now that I've already done the BIG jump).

I'll even catch you.  (Ha, you gonna trust me?).

Naaaah, I'm gettin' down...  (Smart boy).

Ah c'mon Jevan, I'll help you.  (How trusting my little guy is).

ONE, TWO, THREE, GOOOO!  (I promise little man it won't be the first time a woman pushes you around).

Hee hee hee... did you see that Mama?  (Sydney's itching for a whoopin').

I don't like you anymore Sydney.  (Come see Mama little man, Sydney's just a meanie!)


Oma said...

Cute story. Jevan starts out with such a beautiful smile. He will forgive her in a minute and want to try something else with Sister. Good jump Sydney! I am sure glad you are feeling better and looks like you are having some fun.

Love Ya!

DaviMack said...

Great shots!

I notice that Jevan is jumping from end to end, rather than from the round part to the next round part (if that makes sense).

Anonymous said...

now Iknow you got Sydney into this photography stuff and I believe it is time she got some practice and did some photo shooting. Jump the bails kansas. Let her get some photo experience...Ab

Kansas A said...

Now if I was 20, nah 35 years younger I might AB!! :)

Anonymous said...

This was my favorite pass time when I lived on a farm as a kid. COme to think of it if I lived on a farm now I would still do it. It is way more fun than jogging or a stationary bike!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

It looks like they were having a blast! My kids loved to play in the hay loft in our old barn back in Ohio.