Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here today, gone tomorrow

I went to Kamloops on Tuesday and picked Hubby up from the Airport.  Taking my new camera I was hoping to get some great shots... but not all worked out as planned.  Instead of leisurely driving over, stopping where I thought things were interesting, I had to run an errand for someone and I ended up flying over trying to catch a store before closing.  I did make the store, but only because the guy working likes to stay late, it closed at 4:30 and I walked in the door at ten to five.  Then a quick run to Costco and Rona and I was over to the airport.

I did manage to take a picture of the large plane that is mounted on a stand outside because I've been wanting to show Jevan for quite some time, but that's about it.

So the first day Hubby is home we go get wood.  We head up the old dump road where he's knocked down bug kill trees awhile ago.  This picture is looking across the river and south of our house.

He dons his works gloves and loads up the first batch.  No No on guard watching for anything that moves... so she can bolt in the other direction.

He throws a bit in before we move to the next wood pile.  No fear of seeing any wildlife with all the dogs travelling with us, we started with two and by the time we got to the end of the driveway we had five.

I threw in the next pile and we load up pretty quickly.  The dogs jump in for the ride home, although Blue, No No, and Doolittle all bailed and ran home alongside the truck.

The porch is filled up again, and Hubby was off at 12:30 this morning to 100 Mile.  He has a month long job there and won't be home for about a week and a half.


Anonymous said...

Kansas...Great photos..It looks like Bert's dog has settled right in. No doubt Jevan was impressed with the pictures of the plane...Take care....Pat

Oma said...

Hi Kansas
I am glad to see Dolittle has settled in. Unlike hubby who didn't settle in at all.:) Home to work,sleep, away and no play. I bet Jevan liked the plane.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

You will be cozy and warm again for a while. Hard work and good exercise. Keeps you in shape... ab

jackie said...

The dogs are too funny! They remind me of my sister and friends when we were kids getting a ride in the hay wagon. But we never jumped out and ran along side!