Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where's Spring?

I would think that seeing this bird, a Red-breasted Nuthatch, it surely must be a sign of spring, but I think it's been here all winter.

We had snow, oh not much but still!  I knew that would happen, I should never have mentioned "where's winter?" because it snuck back when I wasn't looking!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that the new camera takes fantastic pictures....I only hope that Johnny's welder is as good. LOL...Pat

Gabrielle said...

that's a really cool picture of the sure would be nice for you to have spring but that would mean that hear in New Zealand we would be getting close to winter.....not that we get snow but we do get the rain and it is very cold with me in the winter.....colder than Canada it seems sometimes, as it is very damp and humid and WET, man it can rain.....anyway did not mean to go on, love the picture, actually all your pictures are great.
Oh yes I was looking though your recipes last night and came across your Apricot brandy......hummmm that sounds really good. Being that we are the opposite in seasons and all our fruit is ready now and I have a heap of fresh oranges( my brother has an organic orange orchard.....or grove I think it is called in north America, anyway I am going to try to make orange long does it keep after it has been bottled. I assume that it would be like regular brandy and keep till long have you kept yours for......or is that a silly question.........hehehe. You see what ever fruit I use it would have to be made now, unless I use frozen fruit. I figure that if I bottle it and put it at the back of a dark cool cupboard it should be fine.

Anonymous said...

happy valentines to you ab

jackie said...

What a beautiful little bird! And we are so far form being out of winters grip that I would rather not mention it. In fact, it is snowing right now. Just a little, but still!

Kansas A said...

Thanks Gabrielle :)
About the homemade brandy; I have two bottles tucked away in my laundry room cupboard and they been there since last year. Both are fine, I think the alcohol preserves them and they will never go bad. I've never had any of my homemade alcohol recipes go bad, and in fact have a Tia Maria recipe that the longer it sits the better it is :) Give the oranges a go and stop back and let me know how it turns out. My Mom used to make (if I remember right) Grand Marneir (sp?) where she hung an orange over alcohol for a time... I'm sure she'll read the comments and let us know more :)

DaviMack said...

What an awesome picture! Post-processing?

Lizzardmoon said...

I've been mostly offline over the last 6 months with my new baby, but over the last 2 days I've been catching up on your blog. All I can say is Wow. The story of Bert was so touching and your photos are so incredible. I love the pictures of eagles and the horses in from of the mountains just makes me gasp.
Keep up the great work!

Oma said...

The grand marneir recipe we make keeps forever if you can keep it that long. :)We never do of course!:) It is an awesome drink for sure! I'll have to dig to find my recipe and get started at it again. Thanks for reminding me I haven't
made that since Grandma was here.

Your picture is so beautiful and so clear it looks better than HD TV. Such a good shot.

Love Ya!

Kansas A said...

Thanks Lizzardmoon. It was sad when Bert passed but we have Doolittle to keep his memory alive :)