Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where's winter??

There's one horse on the ranch that no matter what settings I put my camera on he comes out blurry.

The way this horse's hair colour is and how twisty it looks there is no way I'm going to get a good pic but then actions like this don't help.

Another blurry pic... Blue chasing Jumbo. Don't think that Blue is being mean here, Jumbo did about three runs around him daring him to run after, Blue was happy to.

Remember I was telling you about the horses gathering around you anytime you walked into the field? Well today I had three carrots with me and this guy was determined to get at least one of 'em.

Running to the opposite end of the field I manage to get a couple of shots without someone nudging or bumping me.

Out of breath I find a fence to lean on and get my wind back :)

The carrots have run out and everyone is pretty much ignoring me now, well except one who is out of the picture because he's standing so close to me.

Once the dogs and I get around the fence it's smooth sailing... no horses following us now.

Teddy enjoys the heat of the sun and has a nap before we head in the door. It was a beautiful day today and I'm really starting to believe our winter is over. (Ooo did I just say that? Please don't come back to bite me!)


Anonymous said...

oh give me a home where the buffaloo roam where the deer and the antelope play where seldom is heard with a discouraging word and the skys are not cloudy all day and that is what these photos remind me of.Grampa's favorite song ab

Oma said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one with the horses in the distance. Some would make nice pictures on my wall. Great photography.

Love Ya!

dawn said...

It doesn't really look like winter there. We are having cold weather right now. I love the photos of the first horse, so funny how he blends in; built in camouflage.

DaviMack said...

I particularly like the shadows of the fence, there.

For your difficult-to-photograph horse: try to get his eye to come into focus. If you set your camera to one-shot AF it will let you focus on the eye, recompose the shot with the shutter halfway depressed, and then take the shot. So, his eye will be in focus, which is what people look for to see that a shot is in focus, and you'll still have him taking up the frame as you'd like. Make sense?

Still loving the pictures!

Sorka said...

That's it.. When it gets warmer I am coming up and pitching my tent in your back yard ok? Just er.. leave the back door unlocked so I can use the facilities..k?

Anonymous said...

I think blurry horse needs some colgate "extra whitening!" :)