Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Excuse me?

I received a rather strange call from Jevan's teacher this morning. Apparently a little girl in his kindergarten class had dark circles under her eyes and yesterday when she got to her Grandmother's, who thought she had a black eye and questioned her, told her that Jevan had attacked her! Uh... excuse me??

The grandmother then called the school and went off on the teacher, something I disagree with because after raising a teenager I know that you have to hear BOTH sides of the story no matter what age kids are!

Of course an investigation is started and the teacher said she spoke with the little girl this morning. The child said the incident happened in centers. Jevan's teacher told me that Jevan was not involved in centers and was playing by himself with a bunch of marbles at the time. There was also two TA's and a teacher (three adults in total) in the room and they had been photographing the children, and there was no interaction between the little girl and Jevan. When questioned more the little girl changed her story and said that it happened on the bus after school. A meeting has been set up with the Mom and child today.

The teacher went on to tell me a few other things and all of a sudden with a big realization I said "When did this happen??"

She replied "Yesterday on the bus after school."

I calmly said "I picked Jevan and Sydney up yesterday, they weren't on the bus after school." I seldom picked the kids up from school but as luck would have it Dallas showed up here and rather than head into Lillooet and wait at the Big Slide, we decided instead to drive into Lytton to get groceries and do some banking.

After finishing up my banking I went to the school. I stood and spoke with Eric, the kids' bus driver, when Jevan came bombing down the stairs all excited to see me, hollering "Mama, Mama!" We chatted for a few minutes, waiting for Sydney, and then the three of us walked to the truck where Dallas and Lexi were waiting. I headed to the grocery store and then we drove up to Jade Springs for an early dinner.

I know in my heart of hearts that there is no way that Jevan would attack anyone, EVER! I'm not one of those Mom's that just believes my child is right no matter what and I will make my kids "do the right thing" if they do something wrong. What scares me is what would have happened if I didn't pick the kids up yesterday? Jevan's word against her's? I think this child should be banned from the bus for a spell and she should apologize to Jevan. What is the little girl going to grow up to? Yes she may have problems at home or whatever, right now I have very little compassion for her or her Grandmother! There is no way this is the first time that she's lied, after all this is a biggie... my only concern is for the other kids in the class who have been wrongly accused or will be wrongly accused in the future by this child.

I didn't think to asked the teacher to call me after the meeting to find out what happens so I think I'll call tomorrow and put this to rest :)


Moonshadow said...

Kansas, what a mess! But I believe that all things happen for a reason. You picked up Jevan to bring to light the girls blatant deception. That being said, it makes me concerned about this girl. Jevan has you to champion for him, he's a loved and fortunate child. The girl obviously has problems. I hope this incendent will get her whatever help she needs. I'm hoping you'll pursue this.

jackie said...

What a nasty mess!

When one of my kids comes to me and says "so and so did this to me" My first question is always "and what did you do to them first?" There are always two sides to the story. Except, I guess in this case, because Jevan wasn't even there!

I'm glad that you were there to pick the kids up and bring this all to light!

t said...

RAWR! The Mama Claws are out!
I'd say, "Oh, Kansas, I'm sure it'll all be fine," but hah. I used to teach school. If a teacher isn't on the ball, bad things like this can happen. While certainly not the end of the world (so many more unfair things in this world on tap for the poor boy), they do tend to stick with a kid -- that "permanent record" isn't so much the one that's on paper, but the one that teachers carry around in their heads. "Oh, you're Donnalyn's sister? Well, I hope you're nothing like she was in my class!"

I look forward to a positive ending to the story. I know there will be one, or Mama Claws are going to take it out of somebody's hide.

Vickie said...

Hey, I'm sorry you and Jevan have to go through this. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of this quickly and find out the truth. If this would have happened in the classroom as first said the teacher's would have known. I'm sorry but you can't tell me if someone hit you hard enough to give you a black eye you wouldn't scream out or cry. And the same goes for on the bus.

Keep you chin up and do call to find out the results of the meeting. You have the right to know your child was accused of doing wrong.

Take Care :)

Anonymous said...

please let us know what happens when you call.

Vickie said...

Hey, Come on by I have something for you. Take Care :)

Little Ol' Liz said...

Like you, Kansas, we have weathered our fair share of wrongful incidents. In every case the good kid, the nice kid, the kid who wouldn't have thought to act in some barbaric was is accused. It really helps to know your kids well, what they would do and how they would react (I know you do), so that when you have to stand up for them and advocate for them, the (idiot) Administration realizes what's what. Expecially when it comes to dealing with the Momma Bear!
Go get 'em, Kansas. It's unfortunate that the little girl has tremendous problems (lack of character among them), but as I tell my kids: I didn't give birth to the other kids at school. They're not my problem.

Anonymous said...

I have been on both sides of this situation.twice my boy told tales on kids in infant school and both times it was found he was the liar ,so we made him apologise to both head teacher and child. It was enough to convince him that he had made a silly choice and he has always been truthful since then.
This girl needs to be made to apologise to Jevan and feel a little discomfort from being found out.

Anonymous said...

been waiting for you to call the school ab