Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meet Emma

Emma is my niece. She's my BIL's daughter and is the cutest thing, although Em tends to say no, mean yes, and whine about it :) Ah but what kid doesn't?

Yesterday Mike dropped Em off and the first thing she wants to do is watch Shrek the Halls... have you ever seen it? Well I've seen it 326 times or pretty darn close to that many because Em's been here before. I gotta teach the girl how to use the remote.

She loves to dance and quickly found Sydney's new pink hat. We're working on the singing part.

I think she's getting a bit dizzy from spinning in this pic... whoa slow down Em!

One day she might let me comb her hair. Apparently she lets everyone else but I wasn't going to
push. Besides, I'm allowed to spoil her because I'm her Aunt and I can give her back :)


Anonymous said...

What a cute little girl.... How long will you be having Emma? ab

dawn said...

She is very sweet, and that is a great hat.

Kansas A said...

Hi ab, I only had Emma for the day :)