Saturday, March 7, 2009

Falling Trees

Hubby returns to work on Monday so we are in a mad dash to get rid of some bug kill trees on the ranch. You can't leave them standing because they will fall when you least expect it, so the morning started out with a chainsaw in hand. After cutting down a few Hubby also used the skidder to push down a couple.

The first one.

The second one.

He saws the pieces up because they will burn better.

This one had long roots on it.

Everything is pushed into a big pile.

You know I think he likes this :)

Then Grandma (MIL) comes along. She usually has a wee bit of tissue and a couple of matches on her at all times.

While we were up on the top field Pops (FIL) was down near the outhouse falling a monster of a tree.

The outhouse is in pretty sad shape and I'm one of those people who fear outhouses so I've never even opened the door!

When the kids got home from school they play on the tree Pops cut down. Hubby has placed it on the side of the bank to get it out of the way.

The limbs are piled up and burned in a huge fire.

Hubby uses the skidder to continually push up the branches so everything will burn.

I think he's crazy but he likes it. It's a wonder the skidder doesn't burst into flames!

But all seems okay at the end of the day.


tanita s. davis said...

*gasp!* Only tissue and matches? Grandma didn't bring marshmallows? (Or salmon?)

Lovely that you can do all of that in a day -- Hubby works HARD.

Kansas A said...

TadMack, Nope, no marshmallows this time. We had them the weekend before tho' and Jevan still has black stuck to his coat!

Oma said...

Quite a busy day for everyone. Nice they have someone to capture all the details and you did a great job. Fantastic pictures! You should have got someone to take a picture of Johnny when he had to piggyback you home. :)

Love Ya!

Kansas A said...

My leg/knee is a bit stiff and sore today but it's much better than what it was, can't say the same for Johnny's back tho'! Holy toledo I haven't felt pain like that in a long, long time!

jackie said...

You weren't kidding when you said "Big fire"! It is fortunate that you have so much large equipment to make such a big undertaking easier than it would be with hand tools!

Anonymous said...

Hope the gas tank is to the rear of the skidder.. AB

DaviMack said...

So, if they're bug-killed, you have to burn them? You can't use them for firewood?

I'm wondering if you couldn't burn it down to charcoal, to use later, even if you needed to burn it to kill off the bugs. Hmm. Of course, then you'd have to watch it, or whatever.

Great pics!