Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help me decide

I never should have gone for a walk today. As you all know I'm taking an online photography course, and I have to submit one picture that I've changed to black & white. Yesterday when I drove into Lytton, to see Sydney's science fair, I caught this over town. The only thing I've done is cropped it and changed it to black & white. The clouds were really amazing.

So I was going to submit the picture.... but then I went for a walk today and caught this:

Can you see my predicament? The calf is adorable (and looking at the pic makes my nipples wince lol) but then I'm biased with the ranch animals. So now I don't know which picture to submit... can you help me decide? Would you go with the clouds or the calf?

Edit: I've been asked about the photography course I'm taking. All the details can be found here: Proud Photography

Update: I submitted the calf picture and received an 8 out of 10 on it. The eye could have been clearer is one of the things the instructor wrote. Thank you to everyone for helping me decide :)


Mikey said...

Gosh, here I thought I'd be able to help, but I like both!! A lot! The clouds are magnificent, but you also captured that calf's tongue there, it's so perfect.
Hmmm. I do like the clouds. Then I look at the calf.
I'm no help!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kansas,

I like them both, but I think I'll go with the clouds. The calf reminds me of being on the farm when I was a kid.....Pat

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Go with the calf ab

tanita s. davis said...

Sheesh, Kansas. I'll say to go with the calf, because there's that bright eye all nice and focused, and the valley, though gorgeous, doesn't have that single focal point... but wow. Hard choice.

jackie said...

Yup. It's a hard one. I think that I am leaning towards the clouds.
The calf....ouch. I'm glad that I'm not his/her mother!

DaviMack said...

Yep - not an easy one, that's for certain. But ... I'm going to say you should go with the calf, merely because it's a more unusual sight (at least to me). :)

Little Ol' Liz said...

What's the intent of the class? Contrast or high cute factor? See where I'm leading you?

Calf = Mega cute factor. Probably couldn't take a bad pic with this subject. Contrast occurs because the calf is naturally 2 colors.

Scenic shot = b & w changes the way you see the picture. Contrasts are hightened by the color change.

Just my two cents.

Kansas A said...

Hi Liz, I have to take three pictures and choose which one. The only requirements are:
1. Landscape B&W photo
2. High or Low key B&W photo (any subject you like)
3. B&W architecture

Anonymous said...

the clouds are awesome!

Please tell us more about your class. I have been looking for something like it.

shells said...

IMO, I think the calf photo shows off your photography skills more. Being in such good focus close up, and snapping right when he was looking at you. The clouds are great too, but even a less skilled photographer can get a pretty decent cloud/mountain shot if they get lucky.
I love ALL your photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas
We have all looked at the pictures and Frank likes both, Robert says the cow and I think the cow. The cow is such an unusual shot.
They looked at both the black and white and the color pic of the scenery and they like the black and white the best. Those clouds Wow! I think you are just a natural and do great photography. Both are great pictures.

Anonymous said...

the calf!

Oma said...

I think the calf.

Love Ya!

Gabrielle said...

they are both really great....but i think the calf is just great....that is such a cool picture way to go ........