Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Fair

Last night was the Annual Lytton Fun Fair. It's held at the Lytton Elementary School but the whole town turns out for it. Money raised goes towards field trips and such for the kids.

What a great turn out last night! People were lined up at the doors waiting to get in. I drove in early and picked the kids up from school. We did some grocery shopping, went out for dinner, and then walked around town. Lytton is small, very small. Here's Main Street, the buildings on the left are quite new and have filled quite a gap on Main Street.

On one side of town you'll see this sign, and if you want to visit me you'll turn left :)

I took some pictures of the kids playing on the equipment at school.

Sydney loves climbing on the rope ladder.

Jevan, on the other hand, would rather go under.

We stopped by the church on Main Street and I just love the windows.

Sydney was excited to tell me all about Chief David Spintlum and how he stopped the war during the goldrush.

She warned me that I was stepping on the Chief while taking the pictures, I thought it was a memorial and didn't realize that he is actually buried there!

The Village Office is in the middle of Main Street. Notice the street signs, they are in English and Nle?kepmxc'in language. Don't ask me to pronounce it, you'd be better off to ask Sydney because she learns the language in school and is really great at speaking it.

When we came out of the playground I was surprised to see my brother's truck parked behind mine. I was even more surprised (and a bit shocked) to see his new hat and jacket. Him and my sister had gone through some of my Dad's old clothes, I think Dad had this stuff around in the '70's, my goodness look at the shine on that jacket!! Good Lord...

After our tour of town it was time for the Fun Fair! Jevan tossing a bean bag at the bats.

We sponsored the bouncy castle, and the RCMP who were running it made up a sign with our company name. Jevan had a blast!

Sydney is too cool to hang out with Uncle Frank and I so most of the pictures I took are of Jevan playing the games. Here he is picking out his prize.

The fishing pond and Jevan claiming another prize. The little girl there is Jevan's sweety, he sure does like her and I think she really likes him too :)

We had to work The Lollipop Tree for 1/2 an hour. You pull a lollipop and if the end has red, yellow, or blue on it you get a prize, if it has no colour you still get the lollipop, a win-win situation :)

We didn't get home until 9 last night so bedtime was quite late... it made for a grumpy Jevan this morning. But a fun time was had by all and we get to do it all over again next year.


Anonymous said...

Lovely view of the mountains and the Fraser behind the chief.Love Frank in that hat... Looks like a good time was had by all Wish I was there. ab

jackie said...

What a lovely time!
And your brother surely was shining in his new jacket!

tanita davis said...

Your town is so lovely. I miss the idea of towns with main streets and space around them... Glasgow is intriguing, but it's just so city, which is tiring and chaotic if you're there all the time. I definitely like my crowds smaller!

Hee. It's always so funny how much work PARENTS have to do at these fairs, but good work Mom and Uncle!

Anonymous said...

Kansas...I remember those fun fairs when I worked at the school. I was truly amazed at how the whole community turned out for it. Everyone had a blast!! Pat

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and Frankie Have a good day... ab

Oma said...

It looks like everyone had a good time. Nice community spirit. I remember those days well.

Love Ya!