Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going for Walks

Yesterday was Hubby's 43rd birthday, so for 12 days we are the same age :)  He's in camp right now so on Sunday we had a birthday supper and cake for him.  Sydney baked the cake and using Tipnut's "Bigger Cakes From Mixes" it turned out excellent.  A friend out visiting on Saturday gave us a few packages of elk steaks, I threw them on the BBQ and yum yum, they were delish!  Thank you Kelvin :)  The next day I opened up the fridge to reheat some for lunch and, lo and behold, Hubby had taken the whole container to work with him... hmph!

My twin brother Frank is still visiting but is bouncing back and forth between our house and my sister's house.  He doesn't have much time left before he heads back to work up in Ft. St. John and he still has to drive to Sicamous to pick up Mom and take her back to Nanaimo.

The kids and I had been going for regular walks before school started again.  We haven't had the warmest weather and one day Jevan was dragging his butt so Sydney and I said "meet up with us."  He did alright... in his underwear and no socks!

Ah well being in one's underwear doesn't stop me from taking pictures :)

One night Hubby and the kids were out burning some of the willow leaves on the lawn.  I zipped out and used a lense that I normally don't use because it doesn't have IS (image stabilizer) on it.  The last time I tried it a lot of my pictures came out blurry, but in my defence I had only had the camera a few days.  Things are improving and I'm happy about that :)

Another shot on a different day.

One day I stopped in at the shop.  I now know why Hubby never... ever... ever complains when I get a bit lax on the housecleaning.  How on earth does he find anything in there?

I carried on and ran into these three.

One took off right after the pic and one just stared, but that one on the end started scratching and doesn't it make you cringe?

I just can't see using a barbed wire fence for scratching, I guess a cow's hide is much thicker than ours!

The weather has been improving, I can tell by how much wood I'm not having to throw in the woodstove lately.  I expect the hummingbirds to be here in less than a month and I'd best dig out the feeders and maybe take a quick trip to Costco for a huge bag of sugar :)


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of Frank say hellos to him from me. I bet Johnny knows exacty where every thing is in that shop. ab

jackie said...

I am so glad that I am not a cow!
Hubbies shop looks like my dad's! It must be a man thing!

DaviMack said...

The pictures just keep getting better, Kans. I'm glad you're breaking away from the addiction to the IS lenses, too - it's sort of like learning to drive stick-shift, I guess: very good to know, even if you find you prefer to drive automatic.

t said...

GOODNESS, Kansas, your brother is gorgeous! How long did you have to make him stay still for that? Lovely shot.

I've had a cow try and use ME to scratch an itch -- I will gladly say, "go with the fence, Bessie."

Good for you for walking. I've been slacking, but looking at Jevan's muscular legs is pushing me back to the gym...

Kansas A said...

Thanks T, my brother will be happy to hear that :) You wouldn't believe how many people ask me if we are "identical" twins... they are a tad shocked when I calmly say "Well he has a penis and I don't." LOL
As for the picture I find the best "pose" for a lot of people is taking the picture from above. I got up on my kitchen table and looked down at him, it hides the "extra" skin under one's chin ;)

Oma said...

Nice pictures. It would have been nice to see one of you taken with your brother!!

Love Ya!