Friday, March 20, 2009

A Trip to the City

One doesn't get much shopping in when they have their Hubby tag along to Kamloops.  Actually it was me that tagged along this time :)  Pops needed some tractor parts repaired so Hubby and I left the kids with my brother and headed off.

We stopped just outside of Lillooet on Highway 99 North and I snapped a few pics of the Old Bridge and the CN Train Bridge.  We don't often drive this highway but we had to zip into Lillooet before heading to Kamloops so rather then drive back out towards the ranch we took the other route.

Our "Old Bridge" is a suspension bridge that was in use for many, many years before being replaced clear across the other side of town with the "Bridge of the 23 Camels."  Yes it's really named that.  Apparently back in the gold rush days there were camels that hauled stuff like the pack horses did... I did not know this until the bridge was named and you would think we would have learned this when we were in school but we didn't, go figure.

The Old Bridge is only a walking bridge now and no vehicles are allowed but I'm sure motorbikes zip across now and then (My Dad & I did when we had our motorbikes).  If you have really good eyes (unlike me) you can see the other bridge in the very far distance.  For exercise a lot of people "walk the bridges" and do the loop from one end to the other.

The Fraser River is quite frozen underneath.

Looking north is the Train Bridge.  CN Rail runs on it now but it used to be BC Rail until it switched hands a few years ago.

I'm hoping with spring finally here that the ice will start melting soon!

After taking the above pics it was difficult to take anymore non blurry ones.  Hubby doesn't like to stop because he's a "gotta get there" kind a guy, and taking pictures from a moving truck doesn't make for nice pictures.  So I end up taking pictures of stuff like this because I get terribly bored waiting.  Thankfully he heads back to work on Monday (his birthday) and I can leisurely drive anywhere to take pics :)

"John Deere Brandt Tractor," a favourite place where Hubby knows everyone by first name and where we get our skidder parts... and where I should have bought stock many moons ago :)


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. JohnDeer eh!!! Madill a similar name has been around since 1911 and all their equipment went on the auction block this past year. Forestry in BC has almost gone where the fishing industry went and so sad too.AB

jackie said...

What beautiful country you live in!

Oma said...

I love the pictures of the bridges! It is really neat to see the ice on the River.

Love Ya!