Monday, April 20, 2009

Clouds over Lillooet & Lytton

We had two power outages today/tonight but the power was pretty quick coming back on the second time around.  When the power is down I check in on the BC Hydro website to see updated stats.  Sometimes they are pretty good about the time the power is going to be restored, but other times they are waaaay off.  At least the power comes back on long before they say it will because I don't like it when it's the other way around.

Tonight the sky was spectacular so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots.  All of these shots are SOOC (straight out of the camera) other than being resized for the web.

This is looking towards Lillooet.
7:29 PM

8:04 PM

8:10 PM

Towards Lytton.
8:09 PM

8:12 PM

I think we are in for a very hot day tomorrow.  It certainly was t-shirt weather today and even now, at 10:45ish PM, it's 18C/64F. I don't think I'm going to light the woodstove tonight even though it might be a bit chilly in the morning but I don't want to sweat it out all day waiting for the thing to burn out... on the plus side the kids will move fast in the AM :)


Anonymous said...

Wow those are spectacular any lightning? ab

Moonshadow said...

Beautiful shots, Kansas! In that second picture, the little orange cloud on the bottom makes it look like you have a live volcano there. :)

tanita davis said...

Hahah! Oh, cruel, Mama, cruel.
Gorgeous skies -- I think HDR would probably not do much more than Straight from the Camera shots here!

DaviMack said...

8:10 is the one, Kans. Fabulous stuff.

Kansas A said...

Hi ab, there was no lightening, it was actually quite warm and no rain at all. I thought we might be in for a quick storm but nothing :)

Oma said...

These are pretty cool shots! The changes are amazing. I love the last one that looks like a space ship is about to appear.

Love Ya!

Oma said...

I do love to get caught up and I have had good fun and enjoyed my read tonight. Thanks for all the great posts. Keep it up eh!

Love Ya!

dawn said...

Those are amazing sky photos. The weather wasn't very nice when we were driving by your place. It was much nicer once we got to Abbotsford.

There have been nights at home I haven't started the wood stove for the same reason. With the sun shining in during the day, it warms the house. It is a bit cool in the mornings but not unbearable. I think I was able to not light it for a couple days in a row last week.