Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zipped to Kamloops

Dallas and I zipped off to Kamloops early this morning.  The insurance expires on my truck tomorrow and, for reasons I won't go into here, I won't renew it in Lillooet, although I do get it from the same company over in Kamloops.  It wouldn't have been such a hard hit on my wallet today if I didn't have to pay for six points on my license!  I blogged one speeding ticket I got back in May but didn't have the heart to blog that I got another one just four months after that one (blush).  By getting two tickets in one year that's six points, so besides paying the ticket fines (roughly $350.00) they send you a bill for (hang onto your hats) $300 dollars for penalty points!  Two tickets, 2 fines, & 6 points = $650.00, yeesh that would have bought a nice lens for my camera!  Needless to say I've been sticking pretty darn close to the limit when I drive :)  But now that my birthday has passed I can get one speeding ticket and not pay any penalty points as long as I don't get two... I should have floored it on the way home today! (kidding, I'm kidding!)

I had to drive into Lillooet to pick up Dal because she was scared to drive out this way due to the Big Slide.  We had a heck of a windstorm last night and there were quite a few rocks down in the slide... actually some were actively coming down when I drove through and I'm pretty sure the guy behind me might have gotten hit.  When I drive through the slide I really try to time it (speed up, slow down) to avoid the active rocks but sometimes you can't help but get hit.  The other key thing is to drive fast and at the same time dodge the rocks that have already come downThe less time you're in there the less chance of being hit :)

The weather was okay this morning but when we hit Pavilion we were in for a shock!  Dallas grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures from the truck.

Can you believe snow in April?  Heck yesterday we just got our first hummingbird at the Ranch and I hung up the feeders!  Pavilion must be quite a bit higher than Lillooet to get this much snow.  All the snow was gone when we came through heading for home so it must have mildly warmed up during the day, but it wasn't exactly what I call hot.

Dal took a photo of a waterfall and it's frozen solid, brrrr.

Just before hitting Pavilion Lake I hollered at Dal that there was a coyote near the road.  She managed to get a quick couple of shots and this was about the clearest one.  I didn't have the right lens on my camera so I think she did pretty good getting a pic of the coyote at all :)

After shopping at Costco, Wal-Mart, and Michaels we headed for home.  About 15-20 minutes out of Kamloops we stopped at the "Balancing Rock."  The lake in the photo is Kamloops Lake.

A closeup of the rock.  One of these days I'm sure that rock is going to come tumbling down but it's been there ever since I can remember so you never know ;)

On the Lillooet/Cache Creek highway we stopped at Pavillion Lake and I snapped some pics of the only island on it.  I have no idea who owns it but it's quite a quaint little place.  It's a very tiny island quite close to the road and you can practically throw a rock across to it.  The water is so clear you can see the bottom and at the right time of year you can see schools of fish swimming by the shore.

Left side of the island.

This is the right side of the island.

In the winter the owners can walk to their cabin because the lake is frozen solid.  Lots of people go ice fishing, and seeing skidoo's (and the occasional truck) on the ice is quite common.  It looks like there used to be a wharf because old timbers lay under the water. I guess this time of year, and all summer long, they go by boat or raft now that the wharf is gone.

Well that was my day, I'm beat and heading for bed, have a great night all :)


Anonymous said...

I have seen pavillion lake and it is showing its true color. Love your photos...ab

Anonymous said...

That Pavillion lake looks so crystal clear. It still looks awfully cold up there though. Nice pic of the coyote.

Love Ya!

Lizzardmoon said...

Your photos are incredible! You should think about publishing a photo journal of your area. I'd put it on my coffee table!