Thursday, April 30, 2009


If my bird book is right I'm pretty sure this is a Calliope hummingbird.  They took a little longer to get here than the Allen's & Rufous hummingbirds.

The birds are already getting quite numerous as well as brave.  They are starting to ignore anyone who walks on the deck or even the open window where I'm snapping pics.

I love how they twist and turn.

And how their wings reminds me of angels.

Other times they sit so still.

But I do like to catch them in motion.

This one has it's landing gear down and is coming in for a landing :)


Now how did that little cutie get in here :)  Lexi, my granddaughter, enjoying sweet potato with her brand new front tooth!


Moonshadow said...

Beautiful baby shot, too! I'm also curious as what settings and what lens you are using (I believe you mentioned what camera you were using but I've forgotten).

t said...

The feathers on the throat of the Calliope are stupendous. Wow. I'm jealous of your kitchen window; we never were able to get as close -- well, I wasn't, I'm not tall enough. I could walk on the deck and they'd just zip through my hair, but I needed a stool tall enough to photograph them.

Boy, Lex has grown fast. My sister was delivered of an 8 pound little man on Tuesday (like your family, there's a big gap between my college-aged niece and her almost 2-year-old brother and now the newborn) and it's amazing to us how fast the "big" brother seemed old to us. They grow too fast. She's beautiful...

DaviMack said...

What an awesome series, Kansas. Truly. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lexi is so adorable. Eatng real food too eh! Love the hummingbirds.ab

Kansas A said...

Tadmack, we won't even talk of how short I am lol, I've just made the feeder hang quite low ;)
Wow that is a big age gap, I keep asking myself "what was I thinking!!?" :)

Anonymous said...

I think they have such dainty little feet. Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lexi looks like she is loving that lunch. Cute picture.