Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beaver Dams

This weekend we spent a lot of time up at the Fountain Valley Beaver Dams.

For years we've mostly left the beavers alone but I guess the colony is getting quite large and they are really increasing their dams.  When this happens the water spreads out and the ground starts soaking up the water, this leaves our ponds nearly empty and very little water for the fields.  Pops has been shutting off the pipes during the day just to build up the ponds but the situation is getting critical.  The beavers are quite destructive and they've brought down a ton of trees.

Hubby has the job of ripping apart the dams and getting the water through.  If you look close he's up in the left hand side of this picture.

His cousin Gloria came up with us on Monday and pitched in.

Jevan and Sydney were both with us on Monday because there was no school due to Victoria Day here in Canada.  Jevan quickly attacked not the dam, but the cooler full of food, the reason for his dirty face :)

Sydney is a bit pouty because she managed to get one leg soaked all the way up to her butt, mind you it was while she was wearing my boots!  I ended up taking off my socks and giving them up to her so at least she had warm feet.

Saturday Hubby and I were up there by ourselves and lots of beavers came out.  They are nocturnal and only come out around dark so getting a clear picture is a bit difficult.

The beaver spots us and slaps his tail in a frenzy to warn the others.

Monday Hubby breaks open another dam but I don't think we are winning the battle because within about 24 hours the beavers have it fixed.  Here's another one swimming around.

Next weekend we'll probably head back up there.  Hopefully they get the hint and settle down a bit.
If you'd like to see more pictures visit my Fountain Valley Beaver Dams set at Flickr .


nikina said...

wow..as always, amazing pictures !!! this shows me again that i still think like a tourist..hehe. i am always in awe when i see a beever dam but never thought of the issues...shame on me. good luck, i hope those little buggers will get the hint :)

LoneCowboy said...

yeah i agree with Nik, great shots!
it does look like they are making a big mess ...Im waiting to hear if beavers take hints or just build bigger dams ..;)

DaviMack said...

Time to be making some fur hats?