Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have you been to Mexico lately?

Yes I was asked yesterday whether I had been to Mexico lately or had I been in contact with anyone who had been to Mexico recently?  Me?  On a holiday?

Let me start at the beginning... I'm sick, have been for over 8 days.  Coughing, ears plugged and sore, throat feels like I have a dagger in it, head stuffed, etc.,... all the typical flu signs.  I've been trying to ignore everything and just carry on bravely but after waking yesterday with a heck of a headache I cancelled my dentist appointment and put in a call to the doctor.  After sitting for 30 minutes in the waiting room (grrrh) I saw the doc (not my own but a different one) for all of five minutes.  No I haven't been to Mexico, and no I don't know anyone who has been recently.  After looking at my eardrums he said they are like they are turned inside out, the reason for the pain in the ears, throat, and the reason for not hearing so well.  No antibiotics, just pick up some decongestant nasal mist and hold my head over hot steaming water.  I should be over it in another ten days... TEN DAYS?  I thought I was doing good by holding out for eight days before I went to the doc but there's a chance I may cough myself silly if I have to put up with this for another ten days... good Lord.

In the meantime I'm sitting at my kitchen table not doing much of anything.  I've thrown in the towel and succumb to the flu... sore throat and all.  Funny thing is I hadn't been anywhere for almost two weeks so someone brought this to me.  Ever feel like installing a disinfectant sprayer thingy at your door before anyone comes in?  If you felt like me you'd already have plans drawn up for it.

Okay enough whining, time to get on with other stuff.  This morning a new very tiny bird showed up at my feeder.  I snapped some pics and grabbed my bird book.  The bird is an American Goldfinch, if I'm wrong please correct me.  Hey I wonder if they have any Canadian Goldfinch's?  Probably not but it never hurts to ask :)

Here's some pics:

If you'd like to see any of these pics in larger sizes please visit my flickr site.


Moonshadow said...

Did he say for sure that you have the flu? I've been coughing with stuffy head and miserable for the past several days myself. I'm a bit concerned about the recommendation to blow steam into your ear. One of the worst afflictions I've ever had was swimmers ear which was caused by a steam humidifier I ran to alleviate a head cold. I don't think childbirth was as painful as swimmers ear was.

It looks to me that the "American" Goldfinch IS a Canadian Goldfinch. The continent America includes Canada and the United States when showing the areas that the American Goldfinch is located.

Rest and drink plenty of fluids and get to feeling better!

tanita davis said...

Ditto what Moonshadow said -- like it or not (and usually, not, eh?) Canada is part of the Americas. And the Goldfinch we have to share...

While I'm in favor of not handing out antibiotics willy-nilly, because that's what's gotten us all in more trouble with these überviruses, it annoys me that your doctor couldn't suggest anything at all. From your health food store, you could pick up a bottle of Sambucol - it's black elderberry extract, and small studies within the alternative medical community have already shown a 93% effectiveness for treating flu symptoms -- it does nothing for prevention, however, but Sambucol wiped out my symptoms in two days. Sambucol or whatever brand the elderberry extract comes under, comes in tabs and syrups, with sugar and without. (I'd advise the WITH sugar or the syrup - it's awfully sour to have to melt in your mouth w/o something to sweeten it.) It's what our whole family uses instead of antibiotics.

LoneCowboy said...

the doctor said your ear drums are like they are turned inside out and he said to steam your head ???..what kind of doctor was this again ?..did he have the title "witch" before his offical Doctor title lol

the bird shots are great the plummage clarity is really good :)

I hope you start feeling better long before ten days are up

Anonymous said...

call me. ab

Kansas A said...

Tanita that sounds pretty good, the next time I'm in town I'll see if our health food store carries it... or better yet I think I'll do a search online right now :)

Kansas A said...

LoneCowboy, well thank goodness I'm the "I'll get to it when I get a minute" type 'cause I didn't try the steam. I figure the nasal decongestant should start clearing things up and today I don't feel to bad other than my eyes.

Jennifer said...

THANK YOU. I'm about 15 miles south of the Canadian border in the US in North Western corner of Minnesota. These tiny yellow beauties have been bombarding my bird feeders but I haven't been able to figure out what they are. I can now rest easy knowing what kind of birds are gracing my yard.

Kansas A said...

You're welcome Jennifer, glad I could help :)
You might like to try the free Whatbird toolbar: