Sunday, May 10, 2009

River Sand

Yesterday we headed down to the river for some rest and relaxation. The weather was beautiful and one couldn't ask for a more perfect day!

The kids had a blast in a small pond where the river comes back from downstream. Jevan is wearing his winter boots because just before heading down he could not find his shoes, typical Jevan!

"I wonder how deep it is Jevan?"

"It can't be that deep."

"OH SHOOT!" (The water is freezing!)

"I'll save ya Sydney!"

Of course we have to have at least 5 or more dogs tag along with us, here's Teddy.

And here's Blue.

Sydney loves playing in the sand.

Still playing in the sand.

I'm sure it's her favourite thing after rock collecting.

Glasses in the sand.

And at the end of the day Sydney gave me a heart shaped rock for Mother's Day, bless her heart :)

If you're a regular reader you might notice a bit of a change. I'm now using Flickr to upload my pictures and then link them to my blog and Facebook. This will save me having to upload three times and hopefully all goes smooth. I'm hoping to save time for people on a slower internet connection because I'm using medium size pictures instead of large ones.

I hope all you Moms are having a wonderful Mother's Day and here's a quick 30 second video at Youtube I took last night around 9:00 PM :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas,

Looks like the kids enjoyed the day...Glad to see you relaxing..OMG I can't believe all the hummingbirds ....Happy Mother's Day....Pat

Moonshadow said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kansas!

I'ver NEVER seen so many hummingbirds. I am so jealous. :)

nikina said...

what a beautiful day :) and such a blast !! your kids are precious and so are the dogs :) I love to collect rocks too and those you guys found there are gorgeous... thanx for sharing your pictures, they are really awesome :)

nikina said...

oh and ... hehehe... the video is cute. I was in Williams Lake when I saw a Humming bird the first time in my life. We don't have them in Germany and I thought it was a huge insect when i saw it ... lol

DaviMack said...

I like that picture of Sydney, with sand pouring through her fingers! Nice star-burst / bokeh at the top right corner, too!

Oma said...

That water looks cold. I remember I could never keep you kids out of the water or the sand either!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

amazing hummingbirds. Hope the kids didn't catch pneomonia in the Fraser..ab