Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Fun

The kids and I spent a bit of time outside.  They had no school today and Jevan is grounded off the Wii until tomorrow so I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door.

The blossoms on the apple tree are all pretty much out and the bees are busy working away.

The apple blossoms are so beautiful and Sydney told me she was quite amazed how they turn into apples.

We headed to the swings and the kids are still loving them.  Hubby put up a second swing so they don't have to take turns... what a blessing that is.

Good day today even tho' I notice all the dandelions sprouting up on the lawn, but a wise woman from NB told me they are flowers too! ;)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I agree dandelions are pretty. ab

nikina said...

your pictures are really awesome :) it really looks like spring :) here in Northwestern Ontario nothing is blooming yet...but I am hoping SOON !!! the pic of your daughter is very pretty ... and YES !!! dandelions are flowers...and very useful too. They make great honey or tea ... try the very young leafs in salad, they are delicious and very good for you :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the bees are busy. We don't seem to have many around which isn't really a good sign for the fruit this year. We had a beautiful day here today as well.

Anonymous said...

I sent you a e mail Kansas
love your pic's . need a little info about cam's I will be looking out for your e mail .