Monday, June 8, 2009

The Birthday Bash

We weren't going to have a party but then people start showing up and a party happens anyway :)

Both my younger kids are born in June, only three days apart (+5 years).  We always combine their birthdays and it works out great!

Sydney loves her birthday!  This year we bought her a new bike and gave it to her early.  I did a quick shoot in my studio to try out my new black backdrop, her and I had a blast, and here she is clowning it up!

The Birthday Girl

Her fav present was her new rubbers covered in daisies.  She'll look great out on the field changing pipes :)  And the bonus is they fit me too! lol
Daisy Rubbers

I really tried to buy Jevan a mini-quad for his birthday but when I went to Kamloops on Monday, all three of the bike shops were closed.  I settled for Toys R Us and went nuts in there for him.  Here he is with his new sprinkler.  I should post a pic of his remote controlled tarantula but it's freaky looking and very, very ugly!
The Birthday Boy!

Lexi and Dallas were out but I didn't get a picture of Lexi wearing a birthday hat :(  But she was full of smiles when she saw her Nana LOL!  Her two bottom teeth are really starting to show and I'm sure she's teething again because look at that drool!
Lexi at the party


DK said...

Ahhh...Here he is with his new sprinkler that his most awesomest sister bought him, (Me not Sydney) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful smile for Nana!

Anonymous said...

That sprinkler looks real cool Jevan. A happy birthday to Sydney and Jevan. I love the boots I would put a petunia in them with some dirt in the bottom when sydney out grows them oh forget it I don't think your feet are going to grow any more Kansas.But they would make a nice planter. Ab

Anonymous said...


Looks like everyone had a good day...I LOVE Sydney's boots..she will be the most stylish one one the ranchLOL!!!!!Lexi is adorable and yes I'd say she is teething...Pat

nikina said...

Beautiful pictures...and I am really jealous of those rubber boots...they are so cute :)

Oma said...

Love the pictures. I like your new backdrop I hope you were only joking about that quad machine? I like the word mini in front of it though. lol Lexi is a doll. I can see those little teeth and the drool is a sure sign of teething.

tanita davis said...

I think it's so funny how Syd will just ham on command. And thank you for saving us from the tarantula. D. took a picture of a fake spider ring on the sidewalk the other day, but when *I* first saw it, I considered crossing to the other side at a fast clip... yeeuch.

Grandbaby has such great ears...