Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goldbridge Fire

I don't know why the news keeps reporting it as "The Lillooet Fire" because Goldbridge is a good two hours away from us and we are in no danger. I guess because Lillooet is the closest town and they've set up an evacuation center at our Rec Center. Tonight on the news they said the fire is only 15% contained and it's up to about 850 hectares, I would imagine that number went higher today. It's hot and our temperature was at least 36C/96.8F today, even sitting here typing this post at just after 10 PM it's still 26C/78.8F outside. Lillooet has a dry heat and even if there is a wind in the air it's hot air, very much like a blow dryer on you.

Any pictures can be seen larger on my flickr site or by clicking the picture.

I was outside taking pictures of the smoke today and it's really getting thick around here.

Smokey Lillooet

This picture was taken in Febuary and you can see quite a difference.

Smokey Lillooet

This is almost directly across the river from us so it's quite close and the smoke is even thick right here on the ranch.

Smokey Lillooet

And this is looking towards town, Goldbridge is farther past Lillooet in the same direction. You can't even see the large mountains the smoke is so thick.

Smokey Lillooet

Unless we get some wind, which is not good for the fire at all, or some rain, which would be much, much better, I think this smoke is going to hang around for awhile.

Smokey Lillooet

Hubby called from camp today and told me that it's so hot where he's working (just outside of Chilliwack towards Vancouver) they are shut down all next week due to fire hazard. Then this morning the local fire department put out a call that there is a complete ban on all fires for our area, including camp fires, backyard fires, ceremonial fires, any fire.

Sydney keeps asking if we will have to evacuate and I keep telling her everything is going to be fine for us. It's her 11th birthday today and she's more concerned with the fire than she is anything else. I bought her a new bike when I zipped over to Kamloops on Monday and because she helped unload the truck when we got home she immediately saw it in the back. I let her have it on Tuesday morning but because Jevan's 6th birthday is on Sunday we most likely are having a weiner roast and such on Saturday. Hopefully by then the fire has died down and everyone can get back to their homes and my youngest daughter can relax and let her guard down.

My prayers and thoughts are with all the residents and firefighters up in Goldbridge, Bralorne, Tyax, and the Gun Creek area... stay safe!

PS I'm trying to fix an error on my blog so you will notice some changes, some good, some not so good, while I work out the problem.


Tracey said...

Well it seems all the best people have birthdays beginning of June as its mine today! Hope Sydney and Jevan enjoy their birthdays...shame we don't live closer as I have been given way too many chocolates lol!!
You guys take care and no heroics!...really hope the fires subside fast and everyone in the affected area is safe!!!
Tracey (Northernlass1)

nikina said...

Hard to belive that u are in the same country ... its so cool and rainy here ... Ill try to send some of the rain your way ... since you need it more than we do.
Your pics are amazing but also kinda scary. I hope the fire will die down soon and the kids will enjoy their birthdays without being worried too much.
You guys stay safe !!!

Kansas A said...

Thanks Tracey and Nikina. I do think Lillooet will be fine, and I'm 20 minutes farther out so we are in no danger at all.

jackie said...

I'll pray for rain and no wind. And i hope that the kids have a great birthday(s)