Monday, June 29, 2009

Coming up for air

When I don't blog for over a week it means one of two things; I'm extremely busy or sick... funny how those two things slammed right into each other last week. I thought the two weeks before the end of school was busy but that week slid right into the next. Another dentist appointment, another child to pick up from a field trip, blood work in Lillooet... yup busy week alright and it felt as if I lived in my truck. It didn't help that I finally had enough of a "football feeling in my throat" and panicking when I couldn't breath, then drove myself into the ER on Saturday afternoon.

After about a 20 minute wait the dr. asked me all kinds of questions, prodding, and poking me and then diagnosing me with "sub acute thyroiditis." Well now I had a diagnoses and a reason why I got it (from the flu four weeks ago!) ... but he couldn't really do anything for me except assure me that I wouldn't suffocate, and I felt better knowing that. I won't bore you with all the details and now I'm waiting for blood tests I had last Monday to come back and tell me if I have a hypo or a hyper thyroid... still no word and it's been a week, I think I'm going to have to call.

Just before all this happened Hubby got a week off work. In that time our skidder went out on a lowbed, spent the night just outside of Lytton, and then came back. The company that hired it was able to get their own machine from the Gold Bridge fire so ours wasn't needed and came back home.

Here's Hubby loading it onto the bed.

748E John Deere

Gee if I would have stood in the same place the next day I would have had a picture of it coming in the driveway :)

748E John Deere

Numerous trips into Lytton and road construction only added to the time I spent in the truck. I'm not complaining because it's nice to see Highway 12 actually being worked on.


The graduation and awards day went well. Jevan graduated from Kindergarten! You might notice in the picture the HUGE dirt mark on his pants... I've been without a washer for almost two weeks :( Dallas was doing a load when it stopped pumping and started to make some noise. After the laundry room flooded, then the water ran under the wall into the bathroom, I was fit to be tied. We don't have any laundromats in Lillooet or Lytton so I was making due until Sears shows up... well that didn't last for long...

Last Friday Hubby and I drove into town and picked up the cheapest washer we could find so when my big one is fixed I'll have a backup (I got tired of finding our "cleanest dirty clothes" to wear.) The Sunday before last Hubby tried rigging up an old wringer washer on my back porch... and I would have used it if the agitator wasn't broken! Even the new cheap washer was hooked up to a garden hose on the porch until Hubby just HAD to borrow the hose to water the lawn... I then dragged the washer across the back room into our bathroom and it now shares the hoses and drain from the washer in the laundry room which is behind the wall... us girls gotta do what we gotta do to have clean towels, sheets, panties!! :)

Miss Veenstra and Mrs Bayda, and Jevan with his diploma. (I would have cloned out the dirt but hey I'm a "tell all kinda gal.")

LES Awards Day

Both kids received school attendance awards, something new this year because normally they only give them out for 100% attendance, Sydney had 99% (she missed one day, two total in two years) and Jevan 90%. Jevan also received a "curiousity and willingness to learn new things" award (quite a mouthful there!) and an award for completing all homework packages. Sydney received a second attendance award for her class as well as the Royal ROAR award for social responsibility. If you're wondering about the spelling of "curiousity" (curiosity) this is how it's spelled on the award and it looks like someone might have had trouble with it because it's actually printed over white-out. Maybe it should have been called the "inquisitive and willingness to learn new things" award?

Mr. White and Sydney, with Mrs O'Conner (the principal) looking over. Mrs O'Conner has been one of the best principal's I've ever had to deal with and does wonders for LES. It will be sad for Sydney come grade 6 because Mr. White has been her teacher for the last three years but won't be teaching grade 6 for her next school year. :(
(Oh, by the way Mr. White, I had a talk with your Mom at the Mcbeth play and we both think you should shave)... I have no idea if he reads my blog but I really did have that chat with her LOL.

LES Awards Day

Well now you know where last week was spent... please Lord let this week be a calm one, even though Hubby gets Friday off, my Aunt and her granddaughter and great granddaughter are coming on Tuesday for a night (I love you tho' AB!!), the Sears repairman will be here tomorrow, and the person that buys up my eggs always shows up tomorrow as well ;)

Oh before I leave you... I submitted a picture for the weekly DPS assignment. This week it was "F/16," you had to set the aperture on your camera to F/16 and snap a pic. Here's my submission. It sort of calms me when I look at it, I hope it does the same for you :)

Pipes on the field


Anonymous said...


OMG know wonder your sick!!!!!I hope you have a restful summer(But knowing you,it will be a busy one) At least the trips to Lytton will be few and far betweenLOL....Takecare my friend...Pat

Anonymous said...

Soooo lovely to have you back and soooo sorry you've been so poorly and run off your feet! I expect you're a very proud mummy right now with all those awards...rightly so!!
Keep blogging!!!!!
Tracey (Northernlass1) :)

Moonshadow said...

Wow, Kansas! What a week indeed. I imagine the trouble with the word comes from the fact that it starts from "curious". It's great that the children are doing so well. Hope you're getting all healed up and that you have a more relaxed week ahead.

DaviMack said...

Awesome: that somebody printing something, presumably from a computer, couldn't figure out how to run spell-check!

Great pics.

jackie said...

Sick and driving and washing machine woes all in one week. Thanks for sharing your calming picture.

Oma said...

Yes you certainly have had a busy week. You also were helping your mother to fix a few things on her computer. And I thank you for that. I do hope you feel better soon. I am so proud of Sydney and Jevan they are such great kids. It will be nice to have them home for the summer. I hope this week is a great one and I hope to see you all soon.

Love Ya!

tanita davis said...

You are such a trooper. I can see you dragging the washer hither and yon...

Shots of the kids' schools make me miss teaching. Everyone look so casual and ready for summer.

Hopefully things smooth out soon - no more illness, no more broken appliances. From my mouth to God's ear.

(And yes: Mr. White, enough with the facial hair.)